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  1. Thanks for that. My insurance company are offering the G7 to me now which I'm getting mixed reviews about. What I don't like about the A series cameras are the fact that they take AA batteries which take too long to recharge and you have to carry around 4 for each canon battery which is very annoying while on a liveaboard. I'm interested in this wide angle lark as a new part of underwater photography to discover but I'm told if i go with the G7 because the optical zoom is so long the housing stops the good use of a wide angle lense.
  2. Lasse, thanks very much for that. You've got some grand photos there and there doesn't look like there's any problems with the macro by the looks of them You've made the Philippines very appealing for a next dive trip too B) Is that from using the Canon housing too?
  3. Thanks for that guys. My s60 had a slight problem with the shading too but with the use of my strobe this was overcome so if it's not any worse I don't see that being a major problem at the mo. It does look an impressive camera for above the water too so I'm thinking of going ahead with it. Other people have recommended the Fuji cameras and Olympus cameras but when I talk to above water camera sellers they all say that Canons are the best. I was wondering about whether it was worth upgrading to the Ikelite housing instead of the Canon as they give more space under the camera if a small leak gets in to help protect the camera from getting wet but I've seen mixed reviews about Ikelite housings too saying they don't give you the full functionality that Canons do. What are your views on Ikelite housings compared to Canons?
  4. Has anybody had any experience with taking underwater photos with the Canon G7? Any positive and negatives about it? My insurance company has agreed to replace my Powershot S60 with the G7 as the S80 is no longer being manufactured and I want to make sure before I accept that I'm doing the right thing. All responses greatfully received. Thanks
  5. I've been taking digital photos now for over 3 years with the Canon Powershot S45 and then the s60. I've sadly just flooded my s60 in the Red Sea and have now found that Canon have now stopped that series so I've now got to make a decision about a new series. As I've got some fantastic photos and video out of my Canons I'm sticking with Canon as I think they're the best but people keep on talking about getting a set up that you can attach a wide angle lense onto. They've been raving about them are they really worth it? Do they really make so much difference to your photos? Because of everybody saying about the wide angle lenses I've had to bin the Powershot g7 camera as the zoom lense space/length on the housing causes problems so I've been pointed at the Canon IXUS 65 or IXUS 800. I thought these were much more point and shoot. Has anybody had any experience with them? All help greatly appreciated
  6. On the wide angle lense side of things for the G7 I've been told the effect is useless as it has such a long optical zoom lense that the space for it in the housing means the wide angle lense doesn't give great results. This was the camera that I've been looking at recently as I've just flooded my Canon Powershot s60 and Canon has now discontinued the series so I can't get the latest one in shops in the UK only second hand on Ebay!! I've loved my Canon Powershot s45 and then s60 so I'm a bit stumped about where to go next at the moment as everybody has started to rave about the improvement to your photos of using Wide Angle Lenses. I've been pointed towards the Canon IXUS 65 or IXUS 800. I thought these were much more point and shoot. Has anybody had any experience with them?
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