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  1. Giving this a bump... Spots are still available, if you are interested, shoot me a PM or email.
  2. To add insult to injury, they credit you at the very bottom of the page. Or is that a new thing???
  3. Being the one that started the thread, I suppose me coming along and making this observation smacks of irony Say you are working photographer and take 4 weeks vacation a year, never working weekends. You'll have about 240 potential work days a year, assuming you don't have sick time. If you can generate ~$35.00 a day extra income due to the 24.5 MPix vs everyone else, you've paid for the body in one year. As a hobbyist, I look at the price tag of the D3x and gag a little. Then I go to work and look at our $11,000 freezers, $100,000 endoscope tower, $200,000 diagnostic ultrasound machine, my wife's ~$250,000 rehabilitation facility (not to mention the $55,000 pressure mat system and all the fricking computers) and our $1MILL CT with an operator who costs $66K/yr before benefits, and I think pro photographers actually have it pretty easy, from a necessary capital perspective.
  4. The internets are on fire with the official MSRP of the D3x $7,995.95 ESTIMATED STREET Ouch.
  5. I've looked a bit at that monitor myself, but more as a monitor for a PVR/Possible Hackintosh I am building. I suppose a color purist would be disturbed by the "touch of color" changes that happen in the bezel. The resolution is the same as the LED display, but the viewing area is bigger, so each individual pixel is bigger. The LED display has a USB hub and iSight camera, the Samsung doesn't. The Samsung is cheaper ($499 at Amazon) and available now, vs $899 and available soon... For me, I think the biggest issue would be "does it work with my hardware calibrator". Overall I think it would work well for most people, except in a highly color critical environment.
  6. I have a cabin for two held on The Seven Seas for a special trip (limited passengers, special itinerary) through Eastern Indonesia in October 2009. This is a 17day16night trip, whose itinerary is still being finalized, but will look something like this: Trip dates: Oct 15-31 2009 Itinerary: Larantuka,Flores to Ambon, Maluku. Larantuka to Alor to Wetar (possible saltwater crocs) to the forgotten islands of Babar to P.Manuk to Banda Neira to Nusa Laut to Ambon. Arrive in Bali Oct 14, flight to Maumere on morning of the 15th. Depart Bali 30th night or later. Cost is ~$6015pp (fuel surcharges etc etc may vary, as we all know). I did a similar trip on Seven Seas in 2007, going in a different direction. So I don't know the specific areas of this trip, but I can certainly attest to the quality of the boat, the diving and many of the people who will be on this trip. Unfortunately, my wife and I have had to pull out, as we are expecting a little one in mid-March. As this is a whole boat, private booking (there's no travel company involved), I agreed to look for replacements. So, if anyone is interested and would like to know more, please drop me a line. Genuine inquiries will be referred to the trip's organizer. Neither I nor any other person stand to make money from this trip, I'm just looking to recoup my deposit.
  7. I bought a new mask and some other necessities, including prescription lenses, from a store called Dive Masters Bali. Can't find much about it on the web (amazing how many hits you get for Dive Master Bali), but it was in the Sanur region (address is Jalan Bypass I Gusti Ngurah Rai No.6, Sanur, Denpasar Google came through for me !) and had a good selection of gear, up to and including technical equipment.
  8. I'm actually rather disappointed. I didn't think that the enclosure/bezel on the prior model really needed changing. And if, as they say, the outer shells are just shells and not structural, well why not change to the unibody manufacture for the chassis and keep the current surrounds. I'm not a fan of the glossy screens. My office iMac is a glossy, the only good thing is I can see people sneaking up on me. Also not a fan of the chiclet keyboard. And how does JoeSixpack edit their video now??? No firewire on the macbooks immediately pushes them up to a MBP for capture. Or to a Sony Vaio/Vistabook (heaven forbid ). Man, I sound like a grumpy old man. GET OFF MY LAWN On the plus side, the NVIDIA GPUs sound nifty, and hopefully will give Aperture a kick in the pants speed wise. I'll probably end up buying one, my laptop is the next one in the family upgrade cycle. But not for a while.
  9. I've used the online registration system a couple of times now, and it has worked well (meaning, I got a certificate, there's not much more to it than that). As I'm using Aperture, I just set up an export preset for a "copyright registration jpg", and export them to a folder. Folder is then compressed (zipped) to make one monolithic file. The copyright office will unzip it. I use my office high bandwidth connection to upload the zipped file. With the looming Orphan Works legislation, this is all becoming increasingly important for us all.
  10. Congratulations James and Sarah. You're looking nicely hirsute there James, keep up the good work
  11. First, follow this link I've always seen UW Photography in that light. A ludicrous challenge, requiring many things to go right together. It is an exercise of skills, patience, memory and art. Everything has to happen right, very fast when necessary. This gives that whole endeavor a frisson of excitement. And when it comes together, WHAT A FINISH
  12. A bit faster, but I have never really had a problem with WP being all that slow. 6 MBit down 768K up cable, Pacific NorthWest. When the page is slower to load, it is usually waiting for a response from adserver.wetpixel.com
  13. This thread has been up for a while, so I'm late to the party (as usual) My understanding of this deal is that Getty invites people to join them via their Photographer's Choice mechanism. Essentially they look at your Flickr work to do preliminary screening, but in the end you pay them $50.00 per image to list. On the one hand you then have the Power of Getty's Online MarketingTM working for you, but you are not becoming a contracted Getty photographer shooting for their house collections, you have become a small additional revenue stream for them.
  14. You might have triggered the Universal Access features. These are designed to make it easier for people with limited visibility to see the screen. Check this by going to the System Preferences panel, then select "Universal Access" on the fourth row down. If ZOOM is selected on, turn it off. There is an arcane combination of apple-option-+-8 keys that need to be pressed to trigger it, you may have managed to randomly do this. Other things to try 1 Restart the computer 2 Restart the computer and reset the Parameter RAM (aka 'zap the PRAM). Restart the computer, and immediately after you hear the startup chime, press the apple-option-p-r keys simultaneously. Hold these keys down, you should hear the computer reboot for a second time, with the startup chime. The keys need to be pressed down before the grey screen shows up during the boot process. Give these things a try and see what happens.
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