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  1. I found the stuff posted here on copyright VERY USEFUL (thanks Bonnie) and I love to see that good photographers don't have to give away their photos to get them published. I think the opinions and comments posted by Craig to be completely useless. He didn't even understand the comments made before he started blasting off. Copy protected photographs can fall into the public domain whether a photographer wants them to or not if they are stolen and used too many times and its usually the best photos that do. Eventually the photographer just loses control of the image and he can no longer sell the photograph because everyone is already using it. In this light, public domain sucks. If you choose to give away your pictures that's one thing, but when they are stolen and used without your permission, that's another. Maximizing profit is what professional photography is all about, isn't it? I sure would like to be able to sell my pictures for even half of that, i'm just not that good. Maybe some day. I'm jealous too, but with fond admiration.
  2. Hey Cybergoldfish, Amazing shot! Did you take that with Nikonos macro framers? I've never been able to get anemone fish to position in my framer. Great focus and depth of field too. I finally gave up on shots like that and went with a housed 105. I do love the macro framers. Using them inspired me when I couldn't get any good shots using the 35 as is. Ben
  3. Great photos Bonnie, as usual. I didn't do that good even after ten trips with my camera. How has Sea & Sea been about fixing the things that don't work?
  4. So Bonnie does this mean there will no naked jacuzzi parties this year? What's the diving like down there this time of year? Ben
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