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  1. Like new MX 10 Camera(35mm film) and YS 40 Strobe, 20mm wide angle lense with viewfinder, optical sync cord to allow strobe to be moved away from camera body. Pelican case w/foam(1400 series). Original boxes, spare o-rings/lubricant, and instructions. pm me if you are interested. thanks
  2. never mind, I just re-read your post, I have nothing to offer. sorry
  3. james, I am not sure if you are saying the ikelite ttl sync cord is overkill for the cp5000? I have been looking at the ds -125 kit, and most offered seem to come with the ttl sync cord. Will that allow the option to shoot manually & ttl? I thought I had it all squared away but I just keep confusing myself. thanks for the help
  4. I just rec'd the camera today. Hopefully I will have the housing and strobes by early to mid summer is over(if only I could skip the bills ) mndiver, thanks for the information, I am settled on the ikelite housing it's just a matter of economics at this point.
  5. I am fairly settled on buying the cp5000, but with each photo store I go I hear a different story for the housing. I suspect most store are simply recommending the brand they carry. I am considering the Aquatica, Ikelite, and Light & Motion. I have checked a few places on the web, but any in Ma. or NH would be helpful as well. thanks,
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