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  1. Marine Mammals, Whales, Dolphins, Seals, Otters, underwater models, wide angle macro, spawning. mandarin fish. harlequin shrimp, ribbon eels.
  2. August 6th date was told to me by Ann Cotroneo Sales Administrator Nikon Inc. 1300 Walt Whitman Road Melville NY 11747-3064 There will also be a public announcement of the winners of the 2009 nikon international photo contest on 8/6/09
  3. Stayed at Kimo Bajo...great place...food, service, diving, accommodations all excellent. about 1/2 hour north of Manado
  4. I also have the tokina 11-16 rectilinear less distortion than the 12-24, nikons new 10-24 or the fisheyes. The Tokina 11-16 is tack sharp and a 2.8 lens, very fast auto focus. I use it when I don't wnat the "fisheye" effect
  5. I have tried all 3 Aquatica domes. My favorite for wide angle shots is the 9.25 as it gives the best edge sharpness. The 6" dome works great with the 10-17 tokina at f 8 and higher, below f8 it is a bit fuzzy. It packs great! I have not tried it with the 11-16 or other wide angle rectilinear lenses. The 8" is the old standard dome and works fine.
  6. you need a converter for a type 3, if you don't for a type 4 it would be worth upgrading
  7. nice shots, wish you posted this a few weeks ago as I just got back from a trip to Big Sur and wondered about the diving. I assume you used a 7 mm suit or a dry suit.
  8. the rectilinear lens have different/less distortion than the fisheye 10-17. the 11-16 toking has less distortion than the 10-24 or the 12-24. I did not try the 10-24 underwater but did on the surface and returned it due to the distortion.
  9. they were all over Turks and Caicos and Little Cayman when we were there. We saw a low of 4 per dive to over 20 per dive. Becomming a real problem
  10. Try turning your rig upside down to use the floats on the arms to help support it out of the water, I have stix floats on mine. any shots of the sperm whales?
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