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  1. That's what it is, thanks for the help.
  2. Not sure what this was, anyone know? Taken at Shaws Cove in Laguna today. P.S. sorry for all the back scatter, was on my way out when i saw it.
  3. Has anyone tried to use a magnifying eyepiece while putting it into a housing? examples:here and here I have an ikelite housing which has a viewfinder that as described here seems to make the image smaller but allows the user to see the entire viewfinder. My goal is to make the image bigger and i do not mind having the corners cut a bit in the viewfinder. Can anyone confirm if any of the eyepieces fit inside the housing and that my assumption that it would make the image bigger be correct?
  4. Thanks for the reply, since i also have the 6in dome i just got the tokina 10-17mm fisheye which is what i've been wanting anyways, just needed a good excuse to get it and my 17-85 dying was a good one, lol
  5. Anyone have the 17-85mm ikelite port and the 15-85mm lens. My 17-85 just got the error 99 issue with a bent cable around the zoom mechanism. I was wondering if the 15-85mm lens would fit in the ikelite port even of the focus gears cant be used. Can someone check this if you have the set up?
  6. Just Bought the 17-85 port from him, shipped next day and gave me the tracking number. Great seller to buy from.
  7. Tmaxx

    WTB: Ricoh G3

    just found my old housing for it and thought it would be fun to let my dad or friend use while i use my 20d. offering $30 + shipping if anyone is interested to let their 3 megapixel camera go
  8. -when i click on an image the menu par is still on top of it and covers the close button on some images -i think it looks odd that some of the menu items have drop downs and some dont, makes me think its not loading right i must say that is a beautiful site and wonderful photos... may i ask what template/service you are using for the html and shopping cart? or did you program it as a email alert shopping cart that you fulfill orders?
  9. i haven't heard from you in a few days, should we do a different shipping method if the original one isn't working out?
  10. yeah i got it, im just working late tonight so i havent had the chance to respond. im emailing you right now about that
  11. i think you need to offer something that the others dont if you want to compete examples -price point below 1000 including port -comes with extentions that make 1 port compatible with many -bulit in 4-5inch lcd with battery pack for all these new slrs with live view -make one housing compatible with multiple similar cameras(20d/30d...ect) -as mentioned before port adaptors -send product for review to sites like this for free advertising -improve sealing in a way that can be advertised -smaller and lighter housings you dont have to have it all....just something new
  12. yes is it still avalible either msg my user name/email: tmaxx222@sbcglobal.net/ or if your in orange county, ca we can arrange to meet i need to know where you live so i can tell you how much shipping is
  13. i bought a 20d housing package from user "y.awanohara" i dont need this port as i plan to use a 10-17 fisheye asking price is $100 + shipping i have not used the port as i dont have a lens to go with it im not sure how much y.awanohara used this but it looks fine http://img172.imageshack.us/img172/6600/img4094de4.jpg im in the united states, la habra ca, 90631 so you can estimate shipping or if your local you can check the port out and avoid shipping also willing to trade +/- money if have have anything in mind
  14. found the problem, it got banged up in shipping and the wire that connects the hotshoe was not connected right the way i noticed it was the camera was in av mode and i had the custom function set to only use 250 of a sec shutter speed with flash, since the hotshoe cord wasnt working the shutter speed was different
  15. yes i saw some of the postst, most of them are ones that have a higher serial then i have what im trying to do is atleast use manual, to my understanding i should be able to use that still without upgrade i tried emailing ikelite but they just responded with ship it so we can see it if its to old of a serial why should i send it in? i told them the serial and i would hate to waste more money since i just spent alot on this set up im hoping to find a way to use manual mode but have been unable to so far
  16. i just got a used ds 125...it says 12/06 on the battery and 11633 on the strobe i have a canon 20d, blue band ttl cord the light turns fine but when i press the shutter it does fire i have tried putting it in manual mode but it freezes when i press the shutter what setting do i have messed up? or is there a update i need on the camera/housing/strobe?
  17. Ricoh had a booth a few years ago i was glad to see alot of photo-orientated booths this year, last year was to much travel in my opinion
  18. looking to get a housing sometime this year(currently have 20d) and im just wondering if their are any lenses that a certain system(ikelite, subal...ect) that dont have support for the various lenses out there... main reason i ask is because im interested in the 10-17 fisheye and i know if i dont have the right port i could end up with heavy vignetting and soft corners... do any of the systems not support a lens like this? or will just a normal 6-8in dome port work on any of the systems? *EDIT* and i forgot to ask since the ports glass is in front of whatever lens i use...are the more expensive systems glass better? is putting a lets say ikelite port in front of my lens like putting a cheap filter on?
  19. nice shots its shots like that batray that i dont want to miss because i have a 60mm macro lens on... most the good dives i have are swimming with sea lions most the dive and i want to get some pictures of them. is there any fairly wide lenses that may not be true macro but are decent for a few shots i have a canon 20d and looking to get the housing soon but dont have enought to get the port/strobe and possibly new lens yet
  20. and what kind of shots do you get? most people i know are all macro people but thats never really been my thing. i was wondering what kind of wide angle shots people get, the vis isnt always the best so i was wondering just how limiting that can be for wide angle photo.
  21. im asking because ive been wanting to get a underwater setup and thinking a used older camera might work good... i have the canon 20d but im looking at nikon too nikon d200: are the improvements over the d100 so far ahead that i should save not bother with the d100 and just save for the d200 or housding for the 20d? canon rebel 350/xt: any features that are important for underwater photo that the rebel lacks compared to 20d? the older 300d didnt have Flash Expopsure Control, i just wanted to check with everyone if theres something else im forgeting to look for
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