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  1. I am in search of any and all old Red Cine Amphibico Rouge owners out there. If you are still using this housing please PM me. Many thanks
  2. Steve

    Did you ever sell your Amphibico Rouge or is it still for sale? Please let me know.
    Mauricio Handler-  dp@aquaterrafilms.com 207-504-0733 Maine, USA

  3. Tiger Beach and Wild Dolphins Combo trip to The Bahamas MV Dolphin Dream II May 18-25, 2018 $3750 pp dbl occ (two cabins with a total of 4 spaces left) Join Mauricio Handler on this extended combo expedition to photograph and film Sharks and wild Dolphin pods in the Bahamas. Tiger Beach Sharks (Tigers, Lemons, Hammerheads and Reef Sharks) Plus Wild Bahamas Bank Dolphin Pod encounters during the day and hunting on Flying fish and squid at night! We leave from West Palm Beach. No Air travel to the Bahamas required. One on one technical and creative support by mauricio. Contact Mauricio for details: mauricio@handlerphoto.com 207-504-0733 www.aquaterrafilms.com
  4. For those interested in my thoughts on the Aquatica A7rii here are a few short comments. I tested the housing for a few days both for stills and Video work and was very impressed both with the actual camera quality and the ability of the housing to reflect the features of the camera itself. The housing can be used for both the Sony A7rII as well as the Sony A7sII The housing buttons can be configured to the way you work- meaning you can preset any one of the many buttons and levers to reflect your camera preferences... In my case - I used with few custom features using the housing and camera right out of the box. This housing like all others use the Wide -angle dome port for wides and macro port for macro (keeping things simple). Ergonomically the housing, dome port, arms and strobes (ikelites in my case) was compact and negative. I did not have floats on the arms, something I would consider. I used the housing with dual NIK connectors using Ik DS161 strobes but the housing can be used with a supplied Flash trigger for Fiber Optic trigger or Ikelite Bulkhead. All bulkheads are manual - no TTL . All buttons on the housing are easily accessible. The one issue I have is not so much with the housing but the way the camera works inside this or any housing. When you take a photo the automatic image review should show up on the LCD. This happens automatically when you tilt the camera forward a bit and or remover your eyes from the viewfinder- this is achieved with ta light sensor inside the finder area... If the sensor is blocked from light all the time (such as when inside a housing) this feature is rendered useless forcing you to press a separate lever to get image review on the LCD. This is not a big deal- especially from new photographers getting into this system for the first time... but for those such as myself that have been in this game for a while- I love auto review and have no time for pressing another button for said review... this is though, a personal preference. Aside from this aspect the housing and camera work flawlessly to deliver some impressive huge stills and truly good looking 4k footage!! here are a few images for. Just my two cents.. Mauricio
  5. Hi Aldijo2 I have tested this housing extensively- please contact me direct and I will send you photos and my thoughts. thanks! Mauricio - mauricio@handlerphoto.com
  6. One more contact to try at DEPP is Deane Lehrmitt - DWL@IPGInsurance.com He handles the accounts/ payments. He and Dixie are related. I think it is time to send all this info to the Attorney Generals office in Kentucky. They are running a carefully coordinated scam- as they continue to request for your renewals without any intention of honoring claims. M Handler
  7. Dear All On Dec 2011 filled with DEPP a damage claim for $600. It took almost 6months of back and forths... mostly all my one way emails to them. They finally paid up last month!. I have been with them for many many years but cancelled my account. They are most definitely a fraudulent company and I would advise any and all who is reading this forum to cancel your policy with them immediately. At the very least get coverage with DAN or other so you are safe in case of a disaster. DO NOT RELY ON DEPP. I have, over the years, referred hundreds of people to DEPP - So I feel responsible to al least speak my mind here. I currently have good clients and friends who I referred to DEPP fighting for claims... DEPP's response is complete silence and at best very unprofessional one line responses. YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED. DEEP IS A FRAUD AND CANNOT BE TRUSTED. Mauricio Handler
  8. Has the housing been in the water or is it new as well?
  9. handlerphoto

    For Sale

    Do you accept Paypal? Thanks !
  10. handlerphoto

    For Sale

    HI Where are you located at? Thanks !
  11. Contact Drew Trent direct avtrent@aol.com he has an Aquatica D100 housing for sale available immediately. He tried to respond to your add but was unsuccessful. He will send you all details.. best Mauricio Handler
  12. Jeff- Great work! THanks again for joining me on this fine adventure. Nature can be cruel to us underwater shooters but I have, for the most part always had extraordinary fortune and timing. Loved sharing such a trip with you! See you again on the water soon. mauricio-
  13. Aquatica D3 housing with dual Nikonos bulkhead, alarm and housing body Cap for Sale- Price $2,500. The housing is used but in excellent shape. Please note this housing is for the Nikon D3 and Nikon D3X camera bodies only. The housing will accept the D3S body but will require a new Aquatica D3S Housing back plate from Aquatica. This housing is an excellent choice for those not interested in shooting HD with this camera. I have many other used parts for sale. See attached PDF list. They include Nikon D2x bodies $875 each as well as a BRAND NEW Tokina 10-17 lens with Canon Mount $549. The Tokina lens was bought with wrong mount (instead of Nikon). Contact me directly for any of the above- 207-504-0733 mauricio@handlerphoto.com
  14. Join Mauricio Handler on this one of a kind live-aboard photography expedition to the Sardine Run off of South Africa. Two back to back expeditions aboard 153' Snow Petrel. Call Mauricio for full details 207-504-0733 mauricio@handlerphoto.com
  15. I have the following items for Sale. All used excellent shape. Batteries and cables are as new. Aquatica 7D housing is NEW!. Aquatica Part # 18453 Aquatica Port extention Nikon 105 VR & traditional $149.00 Excellent shape 18454 Aquatica port extention ring 24-70 Nikkor $219.00 Excellent shape 18670 Aquatica Focus Gear (press) Nikon 60 2.8 $69.00 Excellent shape 18699 Aquatica Focus Gear Nikon 10.5 fisheye $69.00 Excellent shape 18722 Aquatica Zoom gear Nikon 24-70 $69.00 Excellent shape 18690 Aquatica Zoom gear Nikon 17-35 $69.00 Excellent shape 18712.1 Aquatica Focus gear Nikon 105mm VR $75.00 Excellent shape 18790 Aquatica Rear Port cap $42.00 Excellent shape 17511 TLC Arm 4x8x8 $168.00 Best overall macro/wide arm set 17511 TLC Arm 4x8x8 $168.00 Best overall macro/wide arm set 17691 TLC arm Ball Head adapter for Sea & Sea strbe $20.00 Excellent shape 17691 TLC arm Ball Head adapter for Sea & Sea strbe $20.00 Excellent shape 17691 TLC arm Ball Head adapter for Sea & Sea strbe $20.00 Excellent shape 17691 TLC arm Ball Head adapter for Sea & Sea strbe $20.00 Excellent shape 17651 TLC Ball with 20 stud $15.00 Excellent shape 17673 TLC 8" dbl ball arm section $37.00 Excellent shape 17677 TLC 11” Upper Arm $37.00 Excellent shape SS-1710 Sea & Sea sync cord (nik- SS) $100.00 Practically New SS-1710 Sea & Sea sync cord (nik- SS) $100.00 Practically New 4066.5 Ikelite DS 125, 160, !61 Spare NIHM battery $145.00 Excellent shape 4066.5 Ikelite DS 125, 160, !61 Spare NIHM battery $145.00 Excellent shape 4104.31 Ikelite Nikon digita to Ikelite Strobe cord non ttl $60.00 Practically New 4104.31 Ikelite Nikon digita to Ikelite Strobe cord non ttl $60.00 Practically New 4104.31 Ikelite Nikon digita to Ikelite Strobe cord non ttl $60.00 Practically New 4104.31 Ikelite Nikon digita to Ikelite Strobe cord non ttl $60.00 Practically New Miscel Sea & Sea YS-30 $285.00 Practically New 20065 Aquatica Canon 7D Housing w/ Dual Nik Bulkhd + Alarm NEW! REG $2799 SPECIAL PRICE $2650.00 SPECIAL PRICE NEW 1 in stock! All Sales come with my personal guarantee and support. Contact me for questions on any one of these items. Mauricio Handler / Handlerphoto Phone- 207-504-0733 Contact: mauricio@handlerphoto.com FREE SHIPPING WITHIN CONTINENTAL USA
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