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  1. It's nice to see reference links to marine critter identifications. I sorely need to use them to ID the many creatures I've photographed abroad. For those of you in Southern California. I've been working on a local field guide for some years, particularly opisthobranchs/nudibranchs. The link is: https://www.diverkevin.com/NorthAmerica Though I signed up with WP long ago, I'm just beginning to use the site. k;-) diverkevin.com
  2. Thanks, Kraken de Mabini and subsequent posters, for this informative thread, from which I've learned a lot. Before joining this forum, I was completely unaware that the Sea & Sea black strobes were produced in China and had issues (my blacks have been trouble free for several years, knock on cambium). In fact, I've been primarily a Sea & Sea strobe user for the past 15 years. Only once did I try the Inon Z-240 strobes, but quickly gifted them to a friend as I felt they were not very ergonomic. Certainly the stellar Ikelite strobe reputation and their unmatched customer service are enticing, but I decided against buying the strobe due to the proprietary battery, thinking if I'm out in a remote region of the world, I want to be able to purchase standard batteries if needed. I see Eli has devoted many hours to researching strobes and providing useful information on their functionality and repair tips. Thank you! Kevlar
  3. Hi, though I "joined" WetPixel years ago, I'm posting for the first time at the prompting of my buddy, Elimari, and to "re-activate" my account. Kevin aka Kevlar www.diverkevin.com
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