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  1. Please feel free to critique my latest video. Flores and Banda in Sept 2022
  2. Hi, I am looking for a compact camera system dedicated for video and am looking at the RX100VII with a Nauticam housing and short port. I had initially intended to go for the Panasonic LX10, but Nauticam has discontinued their housing for that camera. Please advice if the RX100 still suffers from the overheating problem of earlier models such as the RX100VA whereby it will shut down. I would also appreciate thoughts on any other issues that the RX100VII may have for underwater video. Thanks
  3. Please feel free to critique the 2 videos from my recent trip to Fiji. Jul/Aug 2022 on Nai'a, Fiji Aug 2022 at Beqa, Fiji
  4. Thanks. I'll try to use channel mixers less. Guess I'll just have to start doing a proper white balance.
  5. Thanks. Yes, it is a bit purple. I must be less heavy handed on adding red.
  6. I'm using Final Cut which has many different colour controls. Let's just say that colour grading is an area of continual exploration for me.
  7. Firstly, many thanks for taking time to critique my video. It is much appreciated. - Silence at the start of the video. I have used sound effects at the start of my videos in one or two of my prior videos. It remains as a quirk of my videos. - Copyright text. I could alter position, opacity, size, font, etc. Ultimately, a matter of taste and will never suite everyone so it is what it is. - Colour grading. it is something that I struggle with continually, and would like to improve upon. On area that I'm struggling with in particular is matching the colour of the sea between different clips. As an example, there were 5 clips of the barracuda in the video and I had difficulty keeping the sea colour consistent. The 5 clips were recorded on 5 different dives - different time of day, different depth, different part of the reef, and different aspect. The video below shows the uncorrected video on the left, and the corrected video on the right. http:// https://youtu.be/fpTVQ3IgQ6Y I'd be grateful for pointers on how I could improve the colour grading in general, and match the colour of the sea in particular. Thanks
  8. Thanks. Sipadan has resident schools of jacks, bumpheads and barracuda.
  9. Please feel free to critique my latest video. https://youtu.be/w-z5s0JihYQ
  10. I used a GH5, Panasonic 14-42 lens, and the WWL-1 dome.
  11. Thanks. It is one of my favourite dive destinations.
  12. Please feel free to critique my August 2020 video of Sipadan. https://youtu.be/sfEMiemyXTU
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