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  1. Please feel free to critique my latest video. https://youtu.be/KDmAm0UKmdY
  2. Thanks. I'll have a little think. May go the way of GH5.
  3. Thanks. I'll give manual focus a try. I'm looking to get a camera with a bigger sensor and am awaiting the GH6. I'll experiment with a wider lens then.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm using a Sony RX100VA set to autofocus in aperture priority at f5.6, and have issues with the video going out of focus whilst the camera hunts for focus. An example can be seen in the following short 23 second clip where the camera goes in and out of focus 7 or 8 times rendering the clip next to useless. I would appreciate your insights on settings to use. Thanks Autofocus issue
  5. Please feel free to critique the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JG71vzlx6oQ
  6. Please feel free to critique the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihHZxoKcYXQ
  7. Thanks. I could easily make the copyright notice stand out, but I intentionally tried to make it blend in. As you noted, purple does blend in with blue water. I initially experimented with different fonts. Just got bored with it and left it with the last font experiment. Does not bother me that it may be cheesy to some.
  8. @Interceptor121 I am mostly interested in WA, as you will be able to tell from my various videos. What lens (with IS) would you suggest? Thanks for your assistance.
  9. Please feel free to critique my latest video. (Old link deleted) Edit: Video corrected for typo. New link below. https://youtu.be/EOaLC20I-00
  10. Thanks for that clarification. Much appreciated..
  11. Thanks for the pointer to URPRO filters. I did not know they existed.
  12. @Interceptor121 I thought it might be interesting to compare what the footage looked like straight out of the cameras against the footage after my corrections for colour, exposure, contrast, and luma. The following video shows uncorrected on the left and corrected on the right. I would appreciate your thoughts on what I could do to further improve. Corrected video appears on the right. Raw video is on the left. Galapagos Video Comparing Before and After Corrections
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