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  1. On 10/1/2020 at 3:43 PM, Interceptor121 said:

    You do not add colours during grading? White balance adjustments are multiplications

    Avoid channel mixers they lead to banding and ugly unnatural results

    Thanks. I'll try to use channel mixers less. Guess I'll just have to start doing a proper white balance.

  2. 19 hours ago, Roberto101 said:


    Yeah I understand, sound effects and colour grading are difficult aspects of video editing, but in the end definetely worth the time and effort imo. I don't know which editor you use, I edit in Adobe Premiere, where you can colour with help of the Lumetri scopes, which I find very usefull, especially for matching different coloured clips together. Colouring is a science on its on, but you can find some usefull tutorials on youtube on the subject. 

    Greetz! :) 


    I'm using Final Cut which has many different colour controls. Let's just say that colour grading is an area of continual exploration for me.

  3. 3 hours ago, Roberto101 said:

    Hi! Thanks for sharing your video! Overall i really liked it!

    Some points of feedback;

    - The video starts with silence, which made me wonder if my speakers where working. I would suggest to start with some music or sound effects to immediately engage with your audience.

    - Some tekst was visible at the botom of the screen in the beginning, but I could hardly read it. Later I found out it's your trademark logo? I would sugest to make it a little smaller and on the side of the screen, but that's personal offcourse.

    - When the music starts it's beautiful, the images and the cuts fit the music perfectly!

    - Though the contrast in your images is great, they are all kinda blue, I think with a little more colour grading a little bit more colour here and there could be applied. Maybe something to like at in future video's.

    - I like how you went from big schools in the epic part of the music, to littler fish in the softer part of the music.

    Overall great video! 

    Firstly, many thanks for taking time to critique my video. It is much appreciated.

    -  Silence at the start of the video. I have used sound effects at the start of my videos in one or two of my prior videos. It remains as a quirk of my videos.

    - Copyright text. I could alter position, opacity, size, font, etc. Ultimately, a matter of taste and will never suite everyone so it is what it is.

    - Colour grading. it is something that I struggle with continually, and would like to improve upon. On area that I'm struggling with in particular is matching the colour of the sea between different clips. As an example, there were 5 clips of the barracuda in the video and I had difficulty keeping the sea colour consistent. The 5 clips were recorded on 5 different dives - different time of day, different depth, different part of the reef, and different aspect. The video below shows the uncorrected video on the left, and the corrected video on the right.

    http:// https://youtu.be/fpTVQ3IgQ6Y


    I'd be grateful for pointers on how I could improve the colour grading in general, and match the colour of the sea in particular. Thanks

  4. On 9/13/2020 at 11:57 PM, Kraken de Mabini said:

    As one who has dived in Sipadan several times before and after the terrorist attack, this is an excellent video, inclusive, great spirit.  One minor point is a bit more light, particularly on the macro shots, would be welcome.   Thank you and Congratulations!

    Thanks. I'll try to do betting on lighting.

  5. 55 minutes ago, Interceptor121 said:

    WK I think you are doing pretty good. In some of the shots with lights though the colors seem a bit cold. Am not sure if this has to do with the settings or the edit. Make sure you do not mix the light (putting the one on the cold shoe on) as that may mess things up

    I think the wide angle has got where it needs to be, now some more work on editing. Have you checked my post on color correction and youtube video?

    Thanks for the tip on lights. I am aware of the various internet resources on colour correction. Will have a chat with you about editing and the entire colour correction process when I am on one of your courses.

  6. 4 hours ago, ajay said:

    Love the tuna and the schools of jacks and barracuda. Looks like Sipadan is improving once more, perhaps all the strict measures and controls are paying dividend. Thanks!

    You are most welcome.

    The corals at Sipadan will never be outstanding given the large school of hungry bumpheads and abundant turtles, but there certainly is marine life there. Diving with a school of barracuda numbering over 1,000 was truly memorable.

  7. 5 hours ago, Interceptor121 said:

    Getting better each time especially the barracudas.

    What lights are you using for the close up?


    Thanks. There is a learning curve and I know that there is still lots for me to learn. One day I'll try to find time for one of your classes.

    I carry two Keldan 4X attached to float arms on either side of the camera, plus a Big Blue Black Molly II mounted on the cold shoe.


  8. 8 hours ago, PhotoJunkie said:

    I loved it!!!

    This reminds me why I dive.  I began diving in 1975, and this short video is exactly why I still dive and take pictures, to relax and share with friends the joy and serenity of diving.

    WK, thank you very much for sharing the peace and serenity of scuba diving.

    With a little luck our group of 13 will be in Bali in late April for just this, beauty and relaxation.

    Brant Emery 


    Thank you for your extremely kind words. We share the same passion. Enjoy Bali.


  9. 13 hours ago, Interceptor121 said:

    Can't put comments on the video

    Other than the image being a bit dark looks very sharp. A bit of slow mo here and there but generally all is in focus and sharp as it could be taking into account the suspended particles

    Close up shots very strong mid shots a bit weaker due to conditions and light/ color but seems a step forward

    Thanks for the critique. The GH5 is definitely a step up from the RX100VA. I'll work on trying to brighten the images.

  10. 23 hours ago, Interceptor121 said:



    This is a really good example

    For the manta clip, I was on aperture priority and, if I recall correctly, aperture was set to f7.1 whilst shooting at 14mm. If I were to focus at 2m, everything from about 1m to infinity should have been in focus because of the depth of field. Perhaps I should just lock the focus at about 2m on aperture of f7.1 for my general wide angle shots.

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