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  1. @Interceptor121 I am mostly interested in WA, as you will be able to tell from my various videos. What lens (with IS) would you suggest? Thanks for your assistance.
  2. Please feel free to critique my latest video. (Old link deleted) Edit: Video corrected for typo. New link below. https://youtu.be/EOaLC20I-00
  3. Thanks for that clarification. Much appreciated..
  4. Thanks for the pointer to URPRO filters. I did not know they existed.
  5. @Interceptor121 I thought it might be interesting to compare what the footage looked like straight out of the cameras against the footage after my corrections for colour, exposure, contrast, and luma. The following video shows uncorrected on the left and corrected on the right. I would appreciate your thoughts on what I could do to further improve. Corrected video appears on the right. Raw video is on the left. Galapagos Video Comparing Before and After Corrections
  6. It means that I was diving in a sea that had low viz and low light levels, as if one were diving in a watery fog, and the video shows this. There was a lot of particles in the water so I refrained from using video lights as I preferred not to risk backscatter. I did some adjustments to luma in post but was content to let the video reflect the low viz low light environment. Colour grading is a different matter entirely. If you can't see the colours with the naked eye during a dive, should one expose the missing colours in the video? If the water looks green, should one change it to blue? For wide angle with open water backdrops, I tend to lean towards leaving the water blue. With coral backdrops, I tend to introduce more red. For this video, I reduced green in many clips. Obviously my attempts at colour grading did not meet your exacting standards so I'll have to try harder for my next video.
  7. I’ve reviewed the video and light levels are consistent with my memories of the dives.
  8. No filter on either camera. Weather was generally overcast.
  9. Some clips were GoPro7, but others were RX100VA. I'd say that it was more because of bad viz which was at times 10M. I don't think we had better than 20M viz.
  10. Please feel free to critique my latest video. Diving the Galapagos Islands, August 2019
  11. Please feel free to critique my latest video. I'd appreciate if someone could suggest a mirrorless camera with great in camera stabilization for video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSZ1sMrNDzA&feature=youtu.be
  12. Please feel free to critique my recent video from PNG. Visibility was bad as can be seen from some of the clips.https://youtu.be/IHX6qzqK4rk
  13. Many thanks. You are quite correct. I should pay more attention to lighting and exposure.
  14. Please feel free to critique my latest video. https://youtu.be/W7PfLa4xujI
  15. Yes. All corrections (exposure, color, etc) done in post.
  16. Thanks. Wide angle - mostly GoPro7 Macro - Sony RX100V
  17. Please feel free to critique my latest video. https://youtu.be/dt5Kn_cdxik
  18. Thanks for your kind words. Daylight shots may be done either with video lights or ambient lights depending on the situation. I adjust for exposure and colour in post.
  19. Feel free to critique my latest video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yffT14byIZc&feature=youtu.be
  20. Thank you for your critique. I am quite challenged when it comes to finding music with creative commons licences. I just try to do my best with whatever music I have at hand.
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