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  1. Managed to flood and cripple my Panny TS-2. Hint, don't rinse under a tap. The camera still works but drains the battery in a few days, but it works great for day trips. Have just bought a Panny TS-4 with an Ikelite housing. Hasn't seen water yet, but I assume its good for a dip or 2. The cameras work great for kayaking and snorkling. Diving is what I bought the housing for.
  2. I am interested in the Inon wide angle lens.
  3. Do NOT use MEK, Methyl hydrate, rubbing alcohol, scotch, camp stove fuel, or any other organic based cleaner other than those labled safe for plastic lens.I learned this the hard way. And Organic does not mean, from natural sources, it means, carbon based, like gasoline!
  4. Disable the Adobe Gamma tool. it is meant for those who will not calibarate their screens any other way. In other words, those too stupid or cheap to do things the right way. You might find your monitor looks quite differant after calibration, don't panic unless it really looks bad. Look at some high quality portraits to see how good your monitor can look.
  5. Is this still for sale? The person who was supposed to sell me one, didn't. So, I am back in the market.
  6. Make sure that your LCD is set for normal brightness and make sure that you colour balance is set to whatever type of light that you are using. At depth, the LCD might look brighter than it really is, dark surroundings. This would fool you for exposure. Use the histogram. Do some dry land tests to confirm. Then take those photos and look at them with your computer and on someone else's computer. Your photos might be first rate and your computer is out of wack!
  7. Use 18% neutral grey to help your still buddies. One click white balance!
  8. Roger, using Lightroom straight out of the box, does that deliver unajusted RAWs or are there some default adjustments I should be turning off? Mary, in Lightroom or Photoshop or any image editor they should look close to correct without any adjustments. Otherwise I would guess you have your exposure off. Colour balance is another story. Flash photos should be close, other types of light will need some adjustment.
  9. I had a similar experiance with an EWA housing. Good down to 30 feet, then the pressure pushed enough buttons to stop it. Come up to 15 feet and all was good again.
  10. My D300 turns out very good results. I suspect you might be underexposing, severely. Shoot in RAW, take a look at the the unadjusted photos in Photoshop, Lightroom, etc and then look for noise. You don't need to dive to see the results. A good RAW photo will look a bit flat and low in colour but of normal brightness, thats fine. You make it good in Photoshop. D lighting will attempt to correct a multitude of sins while trying to give you good results. Doesn't always happen.
  11. I use an EWA housing with my video camera. Keeps the camera dry and is somewhat easy to use. However it doesn't work that well below 25 feet. Presure kept pressing on the buttons turning off the camera.
  12. Nice photo, but wheres the fish? B&W? I like it the way it is, but do play with the colour balance in the B&W image.
  13. I just bought a DryZone Rover. it looks well made and is hopefully waterproof. The question was raised why anyone would buy one. My reasons are, it is waterproof, it is a backpack (helps with back pain) and it means I cannot take my 600mm lens along but it does allow me to take my Olympus Sp350 and housing. I plan to use it kayaking (it will fit in the cockpit more easily than a bigger pack) and for a very soon trip to the Galapagos. Somehow the fear of saltwater on my shiny electronic cameras doesn't make me comfortable. It has a built in water bottle for those long dry days and also room for my lunch, towel, and a D200, 70-200 2.8, 18-70, 10.5, TC200, SB800, memory cards etc. Enough stuff for touring. Roger
  14. I paid to see the movie this past Saturday. There weren't a lot of folks in the seats, but what do you want for a Saturday Afternoon matinee. Yes, it was self agrandizing, yes, it did prominently feature the Sea Sheppard and yes, there are a number of other potential issues with the movie. But it is good entertainment and it is good positive propaganda for shark conservation. And he is better looking than Michael Moore. One interesting aside, the movie must have started on a low budget and as interest in the project grew you could see that more money must have come into the production. How? the changing quality of the film. At times, very low quality, at times it looks like it was filmed on HD or 35mm film. This is something that you would not normally see in a commercial project. On the idiot box you might not see the changing technology, on the 40 foot screen I saw it on, everything shows. The sound is good too, though I miss the sound of the scuba gear underwater. Makes me wish I was diving, not sitting at work looking out the window.
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