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  1. Hi, I'm selling my Pana 8mm. Not sure if you already have it but...
  2. Hi, Coming from the photography side... I just checking video footage underwater with my camera. I'm not sure how can manage the WB with WA lenses. And... using Premiere I'm not getting good results with postproduction. Any advice? Thanks in advance Carlos
  3. Hello guys, I'm a happy Ikelite user from 10 years ago. Housings, ports, and strobes. My last change, one year ago, was moving to the Li-Ion batteries and chargers. Very happy, less weight, less space and more performance. Well... my problem is that, suddenly, I can't charge two of my three batteries. Just the charger stay flashing all the time. Never stop and don't charge. I've two Li-Ion chargers and therr batteries and tryed a lot of combinations... I found this: The center contact of the receptacle into which you plug the charger has a split pin that can get squeezed together preventing good electrical continuity. Take something like a small screwdriver and spread the center pin slightly so it provides a snug fit with the plug. The socket is diode protected to only allow electricity "in" so you do not need to worry about a short circuit if you touch the side of the socket. http://www.ikelite.com/support/faq/ds-strobes.html But don't solve my problem. I found an article about Li-Ion explanng that this batteries can protect the circuit and "sleep" until a smart charger wake up again the battery. http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/low_voltage_cut_off I googled a lot and can't find the solution. I know, I've the Ikelite support but I'm almost sure is not a manufacturer problem, something strange with the charging process. any advice?? Thanks in advance. Carlos
  4. Hi, I own an Aquatica housing and used fiber optic cords for the first dives. Works perfect. After some weeks I have an Ikelite connector and works better than expected. You don't have speed sync limits if you know how play with the black band in the top of the frame ( other Oly cameras had this band in the bottom). You can order also Nikonos connectors as you preffer. Some photos with the Aquatica housing and a couple of Ikelite DS161 with FO adapters. https://www.facebook.com/rajeshstudio/media_set?set=a.850501141645403.1073741853.100000565767612&type=3
  5. They said that 4/3 lens will be supported and... no news. Also said that 7-14mm from Panasonic will be supported but... SW8 don't get the expected quality and... they are working to setup the right gear. (I guess)
  6. Nice!! thanks. Will be the SW8 dome able to use with the 7-14mm? Thanks
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