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  1. Yeah, is my idea, work with the flat port for both lens, 12-50mm and 60mm
  2. By the way Stewart... do you have an schedule for this ports availability? Thanks
  3. Hi, Mi plan is use the Aquatica 30207 / O-60 Flat Macro port with the 12-50mm. I'm almost sure could be a good configuration with not viggneting. After Aquatica end the desing of a dome port for the 7-14mm I will think about to buy the lens and use the 12-50mm with the dome also.
  4. Thanks Phil, I want use the 12-50mm with no macro mode activated. Some people suggest a Subsee or Saga setup to get more magnification in 50mm. I will do it. I used a lot the 14-54mm and I would like to do something similar. Thanks for your support, dude.
  5. I would like show some photos made with this awesome lens before sell it: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=53104
  6. Absolutely agree. the weight is a lens and strobes matter IMHO. I'm waitting for the Aquatica gear. The 4" dome is a dream for me but... I'm not sure about if isable to take WA photos of wrecks and reefs with this dome.
  7. Thanks Juzzi, I think this is a simple zoom gear, I mean, don't permit switch to macro mode. I know I can use the lens with the 50mm and wet diopters but... just asking to get more By the way, I'm want buy the Aquatica housing so... I will need the Aquatica zoom gear. Again, thanks for your support. Carlos
  8. For sale: Olympus Zuiko 8mm fisheye lens. 400€ (new cost 800€) Like new, with original box, cap and bag. World wide shipments from Madrid, Spain. Freight cost to determinate and not included. Bank transfers or Paypal (adding 3% extra cost) Some sample photos taken with this lens: http://www.forobuceo.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=126791
  9. For sale, in a pack or separate: Ikelite strobe DS160 with one batterie: with 1" ball adapter (very good conditions) 400€ 2x Ikelite NiMH batteries for DS125/160/161 (like new) 80€ each one The strobe + 3 batteries in a pack 500€ World wide shipments from Madrid, Spain. Freight cost to determinate and not included. Bank transfers or Paypal (adding 3% extra cost) https://www.flickr.com/photos/21230732@N04/
  10. I would like to keep this post alive. I like a lot the 4/3 14-54mm for some dives. You can get a wide angle and a enough macro but... with the 12-50 m4/3 what about the zoon ring and the macro button switch??? Is something crazy, for me... http://www.reefphoto.com/kb.php?id=41 I am not optimist about who will desing a zoom gear in other brands... I mean, is very complicated to get macro functionality with an extension ring.
  11. The IKELITE DS160 strobes includes: one 1-inch ball one NiMH battery one smart charger 700€ + shipment from Spain I have two units for sale
  12. Nexus housing includes: Two fiber optics ports instaled Two nikonos bulk heads instaled. One nikonos bulkhead (spare) One Mathias TTL adapter for Oly hot shoe One Mathias TTL adapter for Oly hot shoe (spare) One Wrench Tool PA5-4T for M5 Port Adapter One Athena alluminiun handle Some o-rings, wheels and ruber buttons (spares) 1500€ + shipment from Spain
  13. For sale 4/3 lenses: Zuiko 50-200mm v1 700€ Zuiko 7-14mm 1000€ Zuiko 14-54mm v1 200€ Sigma Telephoto 105mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro 250€ I have also the housing from IKELITE 500€ Underwater dome port IKELITE specific for 7-14mm 500€ In Spain with boxes and original accesories, we can arrange the shipment.
  14. I can't edit my original message and... I need correct a line: Sigma Telephoto 105mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro
  15. Hi, I want sell my 4/3 system pro staff. (make an offer for your desired item) Olympus E-3 body Zuiko 7-14mm Zuiko 8mm fisheye Zuiko 14-54mm v1 Zuiko 50-200mm v1 Sigma 150mm macro IKELITE housing for E3 IKELITE 8" dome port special edition justo for 7-14mm Nexus housing for E3 IKELITE strobes DS160 All with the original box. I would like to make packs with a fixed price. Just let me know what do you like.
  16. wow Phil, the best answer... an image like this. I can touch the anemone... and sharp corners... looks great. Thanks
  17. Hi Phil, thanks. Yes... you are right. I would like to use my 4/3 lenses. I mean, my loved Zuiko 8mm. My question mean... somebody told me that is not possible to do CFWA with mirrorless cameras... just with DSLR.
  18. Hello, I have some videos, my first recorded videos. Normally I take photos and somebody told me that I could setup the WB with postproduction. I thought... well! will be easy like a RAW and the grey point but... WTF. I'm getting crazy. Any advice? Thank you
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