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  1. Hello, I'm moving from my Olympus E-3 DSLR to the OMD EM-1. I would like find a mini dome to try CFWA but... I'm not sure if is able to have a right setup. Any advice? I had been kidnapped with the small offering from the manufacturers and... I don't now, actually, what can I find. Alex, Phil ? Thanks in advance :aggressive:
  2. Hey guys, very good news!!!! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=596711887048523&set=a.596711833715195.1073741871.340089596044088&type=1&permPage=1
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    Hi, sorry... I don't get alerts from my post by email. I've the housing with a dome and other accesories.
  4. Hi, you can find some sample photos in my album https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.623510587677794.1073741827.100000565767612&type=3 Each wide angle photo was made with this dome.
  5. In front of the diving center, in the house reef, you can find a lot of critters never seen before in the "tipical" Red Sea (for me). You will find a nice seagrass area rounded by coral and... take your time my friend. You can spent the time as you need ( up to 3 hours ) and just, enjoy, don't worry about guides waiting with a gun... You can find some neigbours on the way to the night dive... also, ...and some typical nocturnal staff... But... if you don't like night dives or prefer to stay quiet, enjoy the sunset waiting for a nice and special homemade sudanese dinner. If you are bored about the house reef, no problem, arrange one of the amazing dives in the area. New experiences for sure. Still remembering the trip by 4x4 through the desert going to one of the most virgin and wild marine reserve of Egypt. continue at http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=50189
  6. Dive points like The Sinker, MFO Pipe Line or Ras Mamlah are mandatory And, for the last hours before the flight, Why spent the time and the money in a market? Visit the White Canyon. (5 minutes walking distance) Well, hope will be usefull for you. Near, cheap and new. You can contact with them at http://www.maaganacamp.com and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/maagana.campnuweiba They show the last critter found in front of the diving center during a night dive... I'll be back
  7. Hi guys, I want share my experience in a new dive place in my loved Red Sea. With more than 300 dives logged in the Red Sea I thought "no more surprises for me, I know everything" but, so far to the reality. A great place to stay with friends or the family or simply alone after a cruise. Placed in the Aqaba Gulf, few kilometres far from Dahab they have a perfect camp in the middle of anywhere to dive and rest. Only ask about the % of Nitrox that you want and order some food for the end of the dive. It's cool, take your tank and go to the water. In front of the diving center, in the house reef you can find a lot of critter never seen before in the "tipical" Red Sea (for me). You will find a nice seagrass area rounded by coral and... take your time my friend.
  8. Hello, just arrived from Egypt. Some photos taken at north area. Taken using a Bare Dome Port Taken using a Bare Dome Port Want to say that Egypt need restore the western confidence.
  9. Hello, as someone know... I own a rare camera with a magnificent housing. When I say "rare" I mean a non common camera for underwater use. I am looking for a CFWA dome for my Olympus E-3 from one year ago and... I decided to buy the Barry's dome port. I know that I have some risk to don't get the expected results but... I want to try it. In a couple of week I will go to Red Sea and I will can try with "real fire". Stay tunned.
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    Hello. Are the cables digital TTL capable? I'll be interested. Thanks
  11. Hello, I'm looking for info about the manufacturing problems with this product. I ordered/paid a couple some months ago and I have no news. (EDIT: Keri told me that will be delivered at 15th of july) Somebody knows what is happening? I can't contact with my dear Keri, I think is in a "long trip" taking bad photos... you know... Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks friends for you help and effort. Finally, I asked to the airline: Thank you for contacting egyptair and our station call center team.we will be glade if we can help you .regarding to your inquiry, kindly be informed that SCUBA Equipment (Aqua Lung Cylinders) (medium) It is the sport of swimming under water while using the SCUBA (Self Contained Underward breathing Apparatus) carrying a source of breathing Gas (usually compressed Air) * Cylinders for under water sporting purposes may be accepted as checked BAGGAGE provided they conform with the requirements set out below. * These cylinders are normally manufactured under government licence and regulations stipulate that they should be tested every four years. They must not be accepted for carriage unless they bear the following information stamped on the neck: (a) Manufacturer Initials. (b) Testing Date (valid up to 4 years). © Tested Pressure in LBS. per Sq. Inch. (d) Working Pressure in LBS. per Sq. Inch. 1- The cylinders must be stowed in the cargo holds and must not be accessible to passengers during flight. . thank you once again for your e-mail .if you need any further assistance, please don`t hesitate to contact us. Ayman Muhammed Traffic Officer ,Call Center Customer Service Dep EgyptAir Airlines Company
  13. Hi, I bought an aluminiun 1,5l tank for "pony" purposes and... I would like to check in in the flights. Any advice about it? Is only 2,5kg of weight and 28cmx11cm. Thanks in advance
  14. Hi, i'm a new happy owner of an Olympus e-3 Nexus housing but... I've the user guides in japanese... Some body has an english version. I¡m worried about the maintenance of the o-rings and other things Thanks in advance. Carlos
  15. Thank you Phil, I need your help and your feedback and... I have it. :-) I never used the MF and I think that the magentic focus ring could be wait... But... Are you meaning that the Athena port could be better? I would like to see photos taken using the 7-14mm and the 170mm dome port but... I can't find it. Have you some one? I know that the 220mm is so big and heavy... I'm affraid about this.
  16. Hi, some more from Maldives. Enjoy!
  17. I'm sorry, when I said Olympus... I might say Athena... I would like to have de 67mm on the front. About the dome... I'm thinking about the 220mm but so much money... Thanks a lot for your advices.
  18. Thanks a lot for both, I feel like What about measures? How much important is the diference between them? Phil, I'm sorry but don't understand about the ports. I would like to use the 7-14mm with sharp corners... you know. I'm planning to buy the Olympus macro port to use with my 50mm and the EC14. The Athena will be to the wide angles, 7-14 and 8mm. Why do you recommend the 170mm? Is enaught for the 7mm?
  19. Hi Phil, I was waiting to you... thanks a lot. I'm not sure to the right choice. If you had the Nexus and now... the Seatool... it is important for me but... I would like to know what motivated the change. How is the grip of the Seatool? I'm not sure that if I will use the internal flash... less dives with no battery change... Actually, I get a complete dive day without open the housing. (4 boat trip dives) What about ergonomics matters? And... what do you think about the measures? How much important is the diference between them? Aftersale services? I live in Spain... we don't have Nexus or Seatool services... I'm very comfortable with Ikelite at this point. I will keep my loved Ikelite housing with me but... I prefer to buy the best option. I bought some things from Ryan's shop but I'm not sure that if he have still Nexus. A lot of questions but a lot of money also... I'm sorry. Thanks for your attention.
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