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  1. Hi, I feel that I arrive to late to this thread... Actually I'm planning to buy a Nexus housinf to my loved E-3. I came from the E-1 and Ikelite... I've an Ikelite housing with my E-3 but... I need more ergonomic features and optic glass domes. I invite you to visit my gallery. I have a big collection of macros and wide angle photos. Some one... good http://rajesh.bluetales.com Phil, Yoko, I would like to have an advice concerning to the housings. Some feedback, please? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, I've the same problem with the 7-14mm and... was almost solved with a larger port. You need to have more distance from the lens to the dome. I'm sure that you problem is only with the more wide focal length.
  3. Hi, I'm planning to buy this housing but... I would like to have some feedback from users of this housing or similar from the same manufacturer. Thanks in advance. Carlos
  4. Hi Eric, what hapened with the POTW "Humor" contest?? The winners was changed... (thanks my God) Some thing about the public votes...
  5. more photos... Technical info at www.bluetales.com
  6. Some photos from my last trip. Technical info at www.bluetales.com Enjoy!!
  7. Hi, I would like to share with you this amazing website: http://www.bluetales.com You will find a place to store and share your photos. The people could be rate and comment your posted photos. They have an smart content manager and is absolutely free. Finally we have a place to show our work and share with other UW photo lovers. An example... my subdomain with my gallery: http://rajesh.bluetales.com
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