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  1. I am currently using a Fantasea housing but would like to upgrade to the Nauticam for better lenses selection. Please let me know if anyone has one or comes across one, please. Thanks Brian
  2. What settings and rig did you use for this amazing picture?
  3. I use a g16 in fantasea housing with two YS01 strobes. Never a problem and pretty easy rig to get to know. A lot of my friends have the Sony rx100 and G7x both which are newer.
  4. Currently shooting with a Canon G16 and YS-01. Looking for help in macro and wide angle shots to maximize this combo. Thanks
  5. New memeber here from Okinawa. Currently shooting with a Canon G16 YS-01 combo with a few different lenses. Looking to work on my macro photos and wide angle shots. I am also i the market for some gear so Ill be in the classifieds a bit also. Thanks for the join
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