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  1. Shutter speed has little to do with strobe power which is more about aperture


    With fast shutter speed you can cut off the ambient light whilst the strobe illuminates the subject properly


    14348369428_aa3c6917c2_k.jpgSunburst by Interceptor121, on Flickr


    And no strobe can overpower the sun if you close your aperture and blasts your strobes eventually end up with clipped highlights


    There are some things that you simply cannot do with a slow sync speed no strobe power will help you

    What settings and rig did you use for this amazing picture?

  2. New memeber here from Okinawa. Currently shooting with a Canon G16 YS-01 combo with a few different lenses. Looking to work on my macro photos and wide angle shots. I am also i the market for some gear so Ill be in the classifieds a bit also. Thanks for the join

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