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  1. Hello Everyone, Albert Kok asks if the D7200 will fit into the other D7100 housings on the market. I have a D7200 and a Anthis Nexus D7100 housing; they are a perfect fit in every way. All the best, Barry
  2. Strobes, chargers and batteries are all sold. I still have the new dual strobe cord. Thanks, Barry www.bareports.com www.keywordworkflow.com
  3. Hey Guys, I am selling (2) Ikelite DS 125 strobes that are in great condition and guaranteed not to be dead on arrival. Strobes come with original arm connector, rapid charger, diffusers and strobe connector plugs. These are both using the Nicad batteries and chargers. Batteries come to full charge and are working great. These strobes have been used to take many of the photos you see in Dive Training magazine. Strobes and everything listed above for $300 each with free shipping to the continental U.S. Buy both for only $550 and free shipping to the continental U.S. Also listed are (2) Ikelite batteries #4066.5 NiMH batteries with #4066.1 rapid charger. You might notice the MS on the batteries and charger; both these batteries and charger were recently owned by the Scuba Diving Hall of Fame member and great photographer, Marty Snyderman! These batteries and charger will only be sold as a group. Letter of authenticity available to purchaser from Marty. (2) Batteries and one rapid charger only $330. Batteries list for $200 each new and charger is $100 each new, so this is a great deal. Free shipping to the continental U.S. I also have a NEW Ikelite dual sync cord Non-TTL # 4104.32, Nikonos to dual Ikelite connector cord, that was a backup and never used. Only $110 with free shipping to the continental U.S. All monies in US dollars. These things are all my personal equipment. Thanks for your time, Barry www.bareports.com www.keywordworkflow.com
  4. I do not think my dome can be used on your s95 Canon housing, even though you do not mention what housing you have. There is an extension built into my ports that will most likely cause your lens to vignette. The hole diameter in the back of the smallest, M5 size port, is 100 mm, which is much larger than your adapter. Thanks for asking and good luck, Barry www.bareports.com www.keywordworkflow.com
  5. Hi GSK3, If you are looking at the cable end, not the camera end, here is the pinout on a 3 prong Nikonos cable. There is an indention in the part that goes into the camera; hold that indention to the 6 o'clock position. Mentally number the pins from left to right as 1,2,3. Pin 2 will be opposite the indention. Pin 1 = M sync Pin 2 = Ground Directly across from the indention. Pin 3 = X sync M sync is for flashbulbs, so you will be shorting ground to X-sync pin to make the strobe fire. Best of luck, Barry www.bareports.com www.keywordworkflow.com
  6. Yes, we have M6 ports in stock. Nexus still makes M5 ports, but their housings now all support M4 or M6 ports. For this reason, we have decided to also discontinue M5 ports, but we have a couple of M5 ports still available. Thanks for asking, Barry www.bareports.com www.keywordworkflow.com
  7. The light you mention is very interesting and many times with light, more is better. One of the ads I saw for the Archon advertises light coming out the side of the front lens, as if that is preferable. However, light coming out the sides may increase backscatter or just a glare in a diver's eye. I do not know that, but I do know from years of teaching and shooting u/w photography, that you do not want to light up the area between your subject and the lens, which a side light will do. The Archon only comes with one battery; a second battery is another $25. The UK light comes with 2 batteries that can be charged from a laptop; the Archon may charge from a laptop, but I did not see that feature advertised. The Archon does not come with any way to mount it, so a bracket must be purchased. The UK light comes with (2) 1/4-20 threaded holes that makes mounting easier, but one still might have to purchase a ball joint to mount. I also noticed the size of the Archon, which is almost twice the diameter, longer and heavier. Please, I am not putting down the Archon light! I would love to have 1400 lumens; that does remind me that the UK light has 4 power settings, but the Archon only has two. I think you could not go wrong on either light. If you get the Archon, let us know how it performed; one post and video I saw showed flickering with the Archon light in low power mode. Not sure why that happened, but that could be a deal breaker for me. Good luck, Barry www.bareports.com www.keywordworkflow.com
  8. I've used the Aqualite on several trips and love them. I shoot 2 lights, one mounted below each of my 2 strobes. For the money and size, they are hard to beat. The lights come with 2 batteries and a charger. The charger will charge from a laptop computer or any USB power supply. There are 3 different heads for the lights and are interchangeable; a 90 degree, 65 degree and a 20 degree. Each reduction in angle yields a more powerful beam, but I use the 90's for video and a 20 for a night dive light. The color of the light is most pleasing. One of my underwater videos using 2 Aqualites in Cozumel may be found on my YouTube channel, which is Dupsbear. To view the video, go here. Barry www.bareports.com www.keywordworkflow.com
  9. Hi KC, The Aqualite has a boss on one side with (2) 1/4-20 stainless steel holes tapped and drilled that are about 1" apart. I am not sure of a soft handgrip like the SOLA light, but one could be easily made. If one wanted to have the red lighting, they could purchase inexpensive gel filter material and add that gel to the outside of the light with a rubber band. Sort of a workaround, but would work. Some people would use the red light a lot, others may not find the red light feature important enough to justify the price differential. I've held both lights and seen the red light feature. Both lights are quality built and serve good purpose. Barry www.bareports.com www.keywordworkflow.com
  10. BFDC, I would be interested in Ken's response too. I thought the Aqualites, which are daylight balanced, would also give a red cast with the URPro filter. However, the only time I had a red cast was when I was shooting a lobster in a hole and the light was about 7" from the coral. The center of the picture looked normal, just the coral at the frame edge was too red. Barry www.bareports.com www.keywordworkflow.com
  11. Hi KC, I am not sure how far the light goes, but I have used it at night in Bonaire and could easily see 20-25 ft., maybe more. I was shore diving in fairly shallow water, shooting smaller stuff, so I did not take the time to look and see how far the light penetrated. In Bonaire, I only had one light; in Cozumel, I had two. All the Cozumel shooting was done during the day. There is a smaller beam angle head, I think 65 degrees, which will give a more intense light with longer reach. I fell the wide angle of the GoPro camera needed the larger beam angle. I cannot stand to see video where the edge of the light beam is evident. For $500 USD for 2 lights, 4 batteries, 2 chargers, it seems like a great deal. The lights will also charge off a USB charger or a laptop, which saves having to bring more chargers along. Hope this helps, Barry www.bareports.com www.keywordworkflow.com
  12. Good report Ken and thanks! I just returned from Cozumel using the GoPro 2 with a Backscatter modified housing. All sequences shot on the widest setting, using a URPro underwater filter. My lighting was 2 of the new Underwater Kinetics eLED Aqualites, mostly used on full power. These lights, as reviewed on Wetpixel, give 90 degree coverage each with no hot spots. I will not go without using these tiny lights if possible. The camera was mounted above one of my Nexus DSLR housing arms and the Aqualites were mounted, one each, under my 2 strobes. With the LCD back, filming and framing was a breeze; this is another must have for serious video recording. My final video was rendered on Sony Vegas Pro. This is my first time to add a video link, so I hope it works. If not, my YouTube channel name is also Dupsbear; the video is named, Cozumel 12. Barry www.bareports.com www.keywordworkflow.com
  13. Hello Everyone, We have a new upgrade to our "Marine Life Keyword List", which now includes the "Indonesian Fishes and Tropical Pacific Invertebrates Keyword Pack". However, if you already have our Marine Life list, you can easily update your list with the new "Indonesian Fishes and Tropical Pacific Invertebrates Keyword Pack" which includes over 3,800 keywords of marine species in the tropical Pacific. The price for the update, "Indonesian Fishes and Tropical Pacific Invertebrates Keyword Pack", is only $9.99 USD. Go to www.keywordworkflow.com for details. Once you start keywording your images, you will not believe how easy it is to find the image you were searching for. Thanks, Barry, Eric and Marty
  14. Yes, Nexus America is most definitely still in business. Woody Mayhew is the owner and can get you what you need. Barry www.bareports.com www.keywordworkflow.com
  15. Hello Ross, Here is an idea for you. Make your pistol grip out of acrylic, then embed a magnetic reed switch inside the acrylic. A sliding thumb-activated button with a magnet inside would close your switch when you slide the magnet over the reed switch. I have used this setup on home made strobes and it works perfectly. There are magnetic reed switches that are normally closed or normally open; you would choose the right one for your application. Good luck, Barry www.bareports.com www.keywordworkflow.com
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