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  1. I have the c4040 and it stores the movies as MOV files
  2. Yes, yes. Thanks very much for that reply. Just another question....do you think the 90dx is too much strobe for just doing macro work?
  3. Hi there, I am new to this forum and would like to piggy back on k2558's post. I have an Olympus c4040 with the pt-010 housing. I was pretty much wondering the same thing. I spoke with a salesman who said if I was only interested in shooting macro, that the ys-25dx would do fine. I have also seen ads for larger strobes that people are selling because they are shooting macro and would like a smaller strobe. Eventually I would like to do more wide angle, but for now, with my limited budget, and since I don't have a wide angle lens yet, maybe just sticking with macro and getting the ys-25dx. The price difference for a kit is about $160 which I can afford, though. So, if I get a ys-25dx, will that be preferable over the 90dx for macro? Will I regret not getting the larger strobe if and when I decide to do wide angle as well? Will it ultimately be best to have both, one for when I do macro and one for when I do wide angle.
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