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  1. I have both the 20D and just purchased the 40D. Currently I use a Fuji 30 with an INON strobe for underwater photography. I would like to step up and use one of my DSLR's. I have the canon 60mm macro and am purchasing the canon 10-22mm wide. My dilemma is which camera do I use? Should I set up the 20D for U/W and leave it at that or do I use my new 40D. Would it make that much difference choosing one over the other? Sound reasoning anyone? Thanks
  2. Well I pulled the trigger and am waiting for the D-2000 strobe, the Inon mount base and the ULCS tray, arms, etc. Actually it comes tomorrow . Wish I already had it as I am heading to the local quarry in a couple of hours to have some fun. Any hints and or tips from those that have this similar setup would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Can you give me a rough ballpark on what that all cost?
  4. Would you say the d2000 is the way to go then? I like fully automatic : ) So if the price for that is around $630 for the strobe and cable what does that leave? The tray and arm??
  5. Does anyone know where I can get a tray and strobe for my Fuji f30. I have the Fuji uw case but would like to add the strobe?? Thanks
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