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  1. Trending #McDonald hashtag is my favorite thing this week. But, yeah, it's only Tuesday.

  2. So much conflicting reporting on the effects of marijuana. On the one hand @AlexBerenson says Kandy Karma Orange Gi… https://t.co/OMIJ49ZHYq

  3. First Man was boring.

  4. Man, it’s wonderful to see science sensibility brought into congress. An Ocean Engineer and a Nuclear Physicist Wal… https://t.co/JrTdrKa8YF

  5. Headline double-take: Great tits are killing birds and eating their brains. https://t.co/dn5EUaM4Kw

  6. Independent bookstores are making a huge comeback. Having visited several of them recently, I see why. There’s real… https://t.co/WuOSkWjTzU

  7. I, for one, would have no problem staying in an underwater hotel room in the Maldives. Just sayin. https://t.co/iD08UIuwXT

  8. RT @tompeschak: ... and this is how you determine the size of a whale shark using only a tape measure! In Hanifaru Bay whale sharks someti…

  9. Good, good read. Why Would Paul Manafort Share Polling Data with Russia? https://t.co/RDTUfA7aQA

  10. RT @NaveenaSivam: Consider skipping coverage of Trump's visit to McAllen today and read this in-depth nine-part series on the state of the…

  11. Great stuff. Breathtaking drone imagery tops Dronestagram’s annual photo awards https://t.co/2i3jMaEeSD

  12. One information job that should survive the Yuval Noah Harari "useless class" era will be fact-checker.

  13. Boy, I really hope they come out with two or maybe even three new USB types this year.

  14. Need the rain. The flash floods..not so much. https://t.co/yKK3f1Jwjy

  15. Excellent. It’s a complete shame to alienate Germany/Europe. https://t.co/7oTiDPzt8E via @newyorker

  16. I confess I'm looking forward to Alexa in my car. https://t.co/CraYaT9ebP

  17. “We Chinese people have done something that the Americans have not dared try.” China’s Moon Landing: ‘New Chapter… https://t.co/Z5UXZ3Rqdl

  18. Amazing. See Peru's Pastoruri Glacier Melting via Drone-Mounted LEDs https://t.co/mD3kqOj1HR via @WIRED

  19. Totally fascinating. And in many ways a much bigger deal than Democrats who have and will declare their candidacy.… https://t.co/63Rc1w6WgY

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