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  1. Congrats to everyone and I enjoyed the writeup of those results
  2. Ralph, I thought that was your picture but then the larry through me off when I saw your signature here. That picture is just awesome,we talked about that before, so glad u got a win with that. thanks.
  3. I'll jump in also, I dont know to many people over here. first Congratulations Csaba and everyone else. I had the HM in Macro Open "deep throat' which also got HM IN BTS. Also in BTS I got first in macro w/pygmy
  4. nice job dave. isnt it amazing how if you DONT chase these mantas and just stay still and raise your hand (like a traffic cop saying stop) they'll just come right over to you. thanks for sharing.
  5. hey mark, what a great problem you have. Just this past year, I went to the 5d in a Subal and it took a little getting used to with the full frame. I went to cocos island, so similar diving as Galapagos, this was my first trip using the 5d w/17-40 that you are looking at. here are a couple of shots, this took 3rd in LAUPS 06 (toot toot) night diving just insane and fun, ashame I waited to the last night to do this. you can see the whole trip gallery here, View gallery: Cocos Islands - July 2006 the home page pic is also the EF17-40. I am now looking to use the sigma 12-24, just getting a exr for the dome customized to fit.
  6. nice shots Gary. thanks for sharing.
  7. Wolfgang, hello sir, my name is Pasquale I live in NYC. way on this side of the world. Good luck with your ideas and thoughts, it is a ton of work. maybe this could help you out or who knows, maybe not. I found out about the first time of fund raising for these moorings through coral reef. if you scan down, like drew already said, I organized some friends (D2D) from all over the world through the net, and we raised enough for 33 morrings for you guys. I wish I could have made it to install them also. CoralReef Maybe if you tell them what you are doing, I AM NOT SAYING ASKING FOR PERMISSION, but maybe they can give you more exposure to your cause. If I didn't see the info from coral, we'd have never known about it and been able to help out. Again, good luck on your project, you have an awesome backyard to play in, let alone trying to save it. ciao pasquale
  8. very nice.. congrats. must look even nicer printed up and on the wall?
  9. very nice. thanks for sharing them.
  10. Most Most dives, plenty of manta action. but vis was tough to even want to try and change lenses. but i was having to much fun with the macro/little guys. No lie, shooting some of those renkins getting cleaned and a manta would just about touch me swimming by. they were getting cleaned also. Gulivers was a site of much much action. I want to say also blizzard or razor? we had 2 mantas just wanting in on every shot. anything I shot with the canon100 of the mantas, just wasnt good.
  11. Hello Graham, my name is pasquale, did we meet in wakatobi in 01? anyways, as Drew pointed out, we raised enough money to install 33 moorings on our own that one year, (in the name of a friend that died at that time) and it was a ton of work, getting people to 'walk the talk' but still, all in all, for a comminuty of divers on a web site, we did pretty good. I am in no way saying you said anything negative, but with enough harping, some good money raising can be done. I do find the net so powerfull. amazing how small the world is today, and how much news can travel so fast. I also find out about things in my backyard (NYC) from people overseas before I know of it. hope all is well
  12. These were taken Exmouth Australia, Ningaloo Reef, trip in Oct06 Very awesome awesome dive trip and plenty of action almost on every dive. Big thanks to Kristin Ross and Mary for making this trip so great for Rand and I. Canon 5d, Canon 100mm Subal Housing, 2Ikelite DS125 strobes and all exif data on website. Cleaning Shrimp, Giant Moray, 80ft deep in currents and surge Estuary Cod, Brown Spotted Grouper Epinephelus Coioides with cleaner wrasse Rankin Cod,grouper,codfish Rankin Cod Chromodoris Coi, look closely the yellow/orange ribbin coming out the side is her laying eggs one of my favorites, getting this angle DEEP THROAT again Rankin being cleaned by wrasse, who is getting food. Nembrotha Kubaryana, eating off a food sauce we were really getting hammered down here in vis and current Mating Olive Sea Snakes, unreal watching this action. they would be quivering and chasing and rolling and wrapping and going for air and come back down. Kristen and I froze when they came right through us. I just couldnt get them to compose correctly, what wild action lots more of these types of shots and tons of nubranches and flatworms also copy and paste the whole addy, should take you right to the gallery page http://www.ppfotos.com/photo/galleries/index.php?data[uid]=13&data[gid]=26 if that link doesnt work, www.ppfotos.com Ningaloo Gallery on home page.
  13. way to go Mikie. nice blues for sure
  14. great sequence of shots. good for you to realize and catch the action. thanks for sharing!
  15. finally got the new site up and going pretty well, so here is this trip. 2part trip, Cocos Keeling and then Ningaloo. this is just the Cocos portion. awesome blue waters, so, I practiced/worked with that. All pics with the canon5d subal housing, exif/lense data on the site with pics. i suck at silver fish id's tomato grouper, Coral grouper cephalopholis sonnerati Moorish idol zanclus comutus Blacktip reef shark Carcharhinus melanopterus saddled butterflyfish chaetodon ephippium the plan as it was happening underwater was, Kristen was going to shoot me shooting the shark but the shark had other ideas:) the rest of the Cocos Keeling trip gallery is here Cocos Keeling trip gallery, Cocos Keeling and then Ningaloo.
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