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  1. Thanks Tim, calculating the distance and the strobe power whilst maintaining position...that ain't easy! I need a lot more practice!
  2. Hi there, I know that you have said that you are only interested in shipping to addresses in the U.S .....but, if in a while you don't find that you have had sufficient interest then please do let me know as I am interested. I am in the U.K though. You can't blame me for asking
  3. I am a relative beginner, but my understanding is that long stobe arms begin to become more important when shooting through lots of water - i.e. when shooting big scene wide angle shots. This is because it will help to avoid large amounts of backscatter.
  4. Thanks for this thread. As a a person with relative beginner status in terms of underwater photography, I have found Alex Mustard's book - 'Underwater photography masterclass' to be very helpful and quite easy to take onboard. I would recommend it to anyone - especially someone like me who was never aware of why I was getting the results I was getting - e.g. with lighting/strobes etc...
  5. Hello all, I live in West Sussex and first dabbled with underwater photography about 10 years ago. Although, I haven't been diving for about 5 years now This enforced rest was due to small children I have a relatively ancient compact setup and am therefore planning to read liberally and hopefully get some great pointers before splurging on a new camera and housing etc...
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