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  1. Hi All I have recently completed the upgrade of my site. The link is imagehunter.co.za. If you have a gap please have a look and let me know what you think of the site and images. Crits accepted ;-) Thanks in advance Paul
  2. This 12th issue of African Diver takes you from the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea to the cold but interesting waters of the South African Cape coastline. It encompasses the fishing grounds of Algoa Bay and the unique marine conservation efforts in Kenya and is also packed with dive safety advice. Once again we are privileged to have high-quality images to show you from our featured photographer Mike Westcott as well as the stunning images from the Sony Winter Shootout. Enjoy the read. Click here to download
  3. Welcome to the 11th issue of African Diver. In this issue we bring you the Sodwana Shootout winners and showcase previous winners. We also bring you the story behind the recent discovery of the two species of Manta Ray that is now a new scientific fact and give you reason to head down to Cape Town to explore the Smitswinkel Bay wrecks. Moving Suhsi and Dareen Almojil explain the fisheries industries in Oman and Kuwait and Sean Sequira is our featured photographer. Filled with stunning images and stories we hope you enjoy the images and stories. Click here to download
  4. We delight in presenting issue 10 of African Diver to you. The Seychelles, Blue Sharks, Zambezi Sharks and Sardine bait balls are all featured in this edition. The Moving Sushi team are heading back to Africa and they fill us in on the Vietnam leg of their expedition. Science and research too has a space and you will be fascinated at the lengths scientists will go to pursue their research. Enjoy the magazine and may your bubbles always be free. Click here to download
  5. As we slip into 2010, with 2009 safely behind us, we begin a new decade with renewed vigour and commitment. Issue 9 of African Diver begins this new period for us. We feature some great diving from places along the east coast of Africa in order to get you planning your next African diving adventure - Mozambique , Tanzania and The Red Sea. But we also carry articles that have a big focus on conservation issues. Our travels in Africa continue to expose us to the alarming mismanagement of our ocean resources. Enjoy the read. www.africandiver.com
  6. Hey TNT You can try Aliwal Shoal to dive with sharks (Tiger and Blacktips). Sodwana is real close to southern Mozambique and well worth the effort to visit. Use Mark addison at http://www.bluewilderness.co.za/ for Aliwal Ponta Mamoli for Mozambique (http://www.pontamamoli.com/)
  7. Its our pleasure to bring you issue number 8 of African Diver just as we get ready to head off on our summer holidays. Enjoy the features of diving the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba or exploring the cold waters of the Cape Atlantic. We’re off to dive the Southern oceans for our holidays and look forward to bringing you loads of interesting articles to read in next year’s issues. Click here to download!
  8. So here it is, our first anniversary issue. We can’t believe it’s been a year already. Where has the time gone? 7 issues have gone by in a blur. We hope you enjoy the magazine as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. We have a fascinating article by Gordon Hiles on filming great white sharks in the early days. Andrew Woodburn takes us to his favourite dive spot at Pomeme, Mozambique. The Moving Sushi team educate us on fishing regulations in the EU and Dr Lynne Hepplestone de-bunks the medicinal myths of shark cartilage. DAN medical and DAN research offer fascinating insights into diver safety. And as usual we feature stunning photographs. Enjoy the read. Click here to downlaod
  9. With this, the 6th issue of African Diver, we remember Dave Shaw and the epic account of his attempted body recovery at extreme depths in Boesmansgat. Staying with things extreme we hear of spear fishing at depths below 55 metres in a dark corner of the ocean and then experience the madness of the Sardine Run. To calm the adrenalin rush we lighten it all up and bring you delightful images of the nudibranchs that inhabit the wreck of the Pietermaritzburg as well let you in on living the sweet life in the Maldives. Enjoy the read.
  10. I'll be in Port St John's....28 Jun - 4 Jul Paul
  11. Greetings All I will be down at Port St John's for the Sardien run this year from 28 June to 4 July. It would be great to meet up with others who are around in the evenings for dinner or drinks. If you are keen drop me a line Paul
  12. It is June and here is the 5th issue of African Diver. This issue finds us experiencing the magic of Mozambique once again. From the paradise of Pomene to the serenity of Ponta Mamoli and the party venue of Ponta d Oura we lose ourselves in the uniqueness that is Mozambique. We hope you will too. We bring you the 10th anniversary of the annual Sodwana Shootout with images that will have you packing your gear and warming up the 4x4. Mike and his Moving Sushi team take us to Mauritania and the Western Sahara where we learn of the poor state of the fisheries there. DAN, Rocky Bay, Save Our Seas Foundation and a new book on the marine life off the Cape Peninsula round off this issue. Enjoy the read. http://www.africandiver.com
  13. Senegal, the Maldives, Dahab and Sodwana Bay; all parts of Africa and its surrounding islands that feature in this issue of African Diver. The Moving Sushi expedition alerts us to the serious state of Senegal’s fisheries and Christopher Bartlett reminds us of the perilous state of the ocean’s shark stocks. Rowan Duvel lightens the mood with his article on freediving with Mantas in the Maldives while Morten Villadsen enthrals us with his experiences of freediving the Blue Hole in Dahab. Paul Hunter takes us on a personal visit to Sodwana Bay and DAN advises on altitude diving. Enjoy this fourth issue and don’t forget to visit our blog. Click here to downlaod
  14. Thanks for the feedback guys...I will look into both ideas
  15. Greetings All I have rebuilt my site and updated my images. Have a look and let me know what you think www.imagehunter.co.za Paul
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