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  1. On a recent trip to Kapalai it was so sad to hear explosions underwater of people still doing dynamite fishing. As this was my first dives on Sipidan I was shocked at some area's that have been completely wiped out...don't get me wrong this is confined to small area's and the rest of the reef and diving was fantastic. Although we were always told that dynamite fishing was taking place far away in one instance you could feel the shock wave...I really thought somebodies o-ring had blown right next to me. Another issue was the litter floating on the surface and below which is really no good for the turtles. This post is not meant as a hit towards Kapalai or Sipidan or Malaysia as a whole but it was really sad for me to hear and see those things. Besides the above the resort and diving was awesome but could have been better if the above issues were not present. Just my 20 cents Paul
  2. Thanx for the comments. Here are a few more from Sipadan. Had a fantastic stay at Kapalai with some great diving.
  3. Hi Mike Thanx for the comments. I shot this at F8 and 250/s..I suppose I could have gone to F11 at least now that you mention it. Here are some others I took. Silhouette taken at F11 and other at F8...White balance was set to cloudy.
  4. Recently moved from Nikon F100 to the D200 camera and this was my first attempt at a sunburst. I've read alot about this issue around digital camera's and sunbursts. Any comments on this image. Shot in Malaysia, Sipidan. Nikon D200 in Sea & Sea housing, 2 x YS-90 strobes, 10 -20mm Sigma lens Slight crop in PS
  5. Greetings All I will be staying at Sipadan Water Village from 1 Sept 2006 to 10 Sept 2006. Anyone from Wetpixel there at the same time? Thanks Paul
  6. Has anybody heard anything from Sea & Sea about a D200 housing?
  7. Greetings All I glad to see there are alot of people that care about our oceans. I also no long eat sea food and take alot of abuse from fellow work mates on this issue. Have dived with some other photographers who don't give a shit about what they damage as long as they get that shot. I was so upset with them and had words with them but they could not understand english, they were from Japan. A year or so ago if you had a underwater camera you were the odd one out these days though if you don't you are the odd one out. I try and set a good example everytime I dive with a camera. I also think it's important to educate people with camera's if you see them damaging the reef, especially new divers and camera's. Paul
  8. Hi Alex Thanks for the response. The reason I asked the question is that in May we have our annual underwater shootout here in South Africa at Sodwana Bay and this year there is talk of using portfolio as the subject. This is a new concept to me as I have never done anything like that before. I will need to put some thought into what I want to shoot. Thanks Paul I met two of your fellow BSoUP members by the name of Janet and Mike Maloney last year at Wakatobi. Not sure if you know them but if you do please tell them I say hi.
  9. Hi Alex Can you tell me how you go about shooting a portfolio. How do you approach it, is it well thought out before the time? Thanks Paul
  10. Greetings all I currently use the Nikkor 105mm lens for macro work. I however sometimes would like to shoot something bigger in size like a largish Cuttlefish with the same lens. Could somebody give me some idea's on how I should measure for light or any good standard bracketing settings one should try when doing this? Also what would be the best approach with your strobes (using 2 YS-90). Thanks in advance Paul
  11. Hi Karl and Shannon Well we all just missed each other, I'm sure it would have been great diving with you. Karl, great images really like some of you wide angle. I did not do much wide angle myself, stuck mostly with macro as I don't get much of a chance with macro here at home. I must agree with Shannon the whole Wakatobi experience was great from diving to staff to the location. Cheers Paul
  12. Greetings Some images from my recent trip to Wakatobi. Paul
  13. Hi Karl When did you go to Wakatobi? I returned from Wakatobi on 28 September. I really enjoyed my stay. Paul
  14. Hi Alex Just returned from Wakatobi and on route back we spent a week in Bali mostly around Tulamben. Also really enjoyed the muck diving. Will go back if every I pass through Bali. Paul
  15. Greetings Robert I will be stopping off in Bali for a week after my trip to Wakatobi and was considering diving at Tulamben. Can you tell me more about this location. Thanks Paul
  16. Greetings All I'm in the process of buying a new S&S NX-100 Housing for my F100 and would appreciate some advise. This is the spec I'm thinking of: NX-100 Housing Sigma 17-35mm lens and ports Nikon 105mm Macro and ports Nikon Tele converter and ports This advise I need is around strobes and arms, do I go for ys350,ys120 and the ys30 for macro work. Thanks in advance Paul
  17. Thanx guys that has helped alot. Paul
  18. Please lend us your support! A sexually mature female Zambezi shark was killed yesterday on Protea Banks in the name of sport. It takes 20 years for a Zambezi to reach breeding maturity (twice as long as the Great White) Please have a look at our website for more information. www.africanodyssea.co.za/JAWG.htm Thanking you in advance Grant Smith African Odyssea www.africanodyssea.co.za Mobile: +27 825 945 104 Home:+27 39 315 7628 704 Bugle Road Shelly Beach KZN South Africa
  19. Hi James It's that silver fish on the right that did not play along with the others that causes a distraction to me, what do you think?
  20. What would be the best way to clean up the image on the right hand side? Any other idea's would be good.
  21. How should I go about selecting a housing for either a Nikon F100 or Nikon D70 depending on if I stay on film or move to digital. Thanx in advance Paul
  22. These were taken @ Sodwana Bay, South Africa last week before and during the shootout. I entered novice but upgraded to intermediate. Shooting with MotorMarine II EX and 16mm wide angle lens. What do you guys think?
  23. This image was taken last week @ Sodwana, South Africa on 7 mile reef. Using a MotorMarine II EX and 16mm Wide angle lens @ around 18m. Used F8 and 60th. What could I have done or can do to improve this image?
  24. Hope I'm allowed to put something like this on the forums, if not let me know and I won't do it again but I feel it's for a good cause. PREVENT DESTRUCTIVE FISHING IN THE GALAPAGOS A siege underway in the Galapagos -- where local fishermen have taken over the offices of the Galapagos National Park, the Charles Darwin Research Station, and World Wildlife Fund -- threatens to undo rules meant to protect the islands? many endangered and endemic species. Some of the fishermen are calling on the president of Ecuador to lift regulations on fishing in the Galapagos marine reserve, which would open the door to a fishing free-for-all in this World Heritage Site. Legislation enacted in 1998 created the Galapagos Marine Reserve, the second largest marine protected area in the world. The law eliminated industrial fishing from the reserve, creating a windfall for the local artisanal fishermen who are now the only fishermen allowed in the area. With input from fishermen and other stakeholders, the government adopted carefully balanced restrictions on fishing. It?s these regulations that some fishermen now want eliminated. With increasing demand in Asian markets for products not traditionally exploited in the Galapagos, such as sea cucumbers and shark fins, hundreds of new fishers, interested in taking their share of the high prices these products fetch, have moved to the islands in recent years. The increase in fishing has resulted in the decline of marine populations. Research suggests that the numbers of sea cucumbers, lobsters, sharks, and groupers are all declining. And other species could be following closely behind. The waters around the Galapagos Islands are an oasis for hundreds of species of sharks, manta rays, whales, and fish, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. Because these species tend to aggregate in these waters, they are particularly susceptible to overfishing. While it?s important for legitimate fishing community concerns to be addressed ? and WWF is eager to aid in that process ? eliminating or weakening regulations that protect fish inside the reserve would ultimately take a serious toll on the economic health of the islands and of the protesting fishermen themselves. Long-term economic and ecological damage is too high a price to pay to create a short-term windfall. A relatively unspoiled ecological and evolutionary treasure trove, the Galapagos Islands today sparkle like gems in the Pacific Ocean. Made famous by the English naturalist Charles Darwin?s ?Origin of the Species,? the islands have retained nearly 95 percent of their species for thousands of years. Sadly, the islands face many threats including overharvesting of marine resources, overgrazing by livestock, wildlife poaching, pollution, and increased immigration. The Galapagos Marine Reserve covers 133,000 square kilometers. Numerous species of reptiles, birds, and mammals that inhabit the terrestrial areas of the archipelago depend directly on the sea for their survival. Fifty-seven species of birds live in the Galapagos, and more than 30 of them depend on the ocean to obtain food. In addition, the islands are a sanctuary for threatened whales and turtles. This is not the first time the fishing community has used violence to demand changes to fishing restrictions in the Galapagos. The president is likely to decide within the next few days whether or not to give in to the fishermen?s demands. Please act now. Follow the instructions to send a free letter to the president of Ecuador urging him not to allow destructive fishing in the Galapagos marine reserve. We'll also send copies to Ecuador's minister of government and minister of environment. Make your messages really count by adding your own thoughts. To do so, take action via Your Personal Action Center. Please urge your friends and colleagues to take this action Here is the address to take action --> http://takeaction.worldwildlife.org/action...&item=15542[/b]
  25. Hi Andy Thanx for the help on the site. I'll read throught it all and give the 35mm and CU lens a bash, I think this is what I'm looking for. Just one thing I can't seem to view your galleries for some odd reason says they can't be found. I'm really enjoying this camera and I think it's a great tool to learn underwater photography before moving on to a housed system. I have had some success and alot of failures but that is what keeps me coming back. I will take you up on your offer on more questions once I have read and tried what you have advised on the site. Paul
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