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  1. Hi I have both the YS-60 and YS-90 strobes. What lens would you use to photography clowm fish the T3 or the 35mm? Paul
  2. Greetings all I know this is a digital site and all but is there anybody out there that can offer some help with the MotorMarine II EX and the different Lenses. I own the above camera and have had mixed results over the last couple of month and wanted to bounce a couple of ideas off somebody that owns or previously owned the same camera. Thanx Paul
  3. I could not agree with you more ,I have also seem my fair share of causual divers smashing the reef. It is really sad to see people destroying something that is so precious to us. If we ever see somebody in our dive group doing something wrong we always address it with them after the dive my wife especially. She even took on a professor in Lembeh that was collecting crabs on one of our dives. We once had a guy that grabbed hold of a small turle and tried to catch a ride, and when we spoke to him afterwards he could not see the wrong in what he had done. Are some people just stupid or what?
  4. Some sites here don't allow people to use gloves hoping that it will prevent them from touching anything, which does not always work. But then the water temp here does not get that cold either. Paul
  5. I understand the above but it is really unacceptable when you see a photographer lying all over the reef. A lot of divers I know actually don't like UW photographers because of this and I can understand thier point. Paul
  6. Greetings All As a newbie to underwater photography I find it hard to accept when I see UW photographers hanging on or holding onto the reef to get that ultimate shot. This really upset me in Lembeh. Is this a standard practice for UW photographers. I was taught don't touch, tease or take. Is it impossible to take good pics without doing the above. Just a question? Thanx Paul
  7. Thanx for the help Scott I really appreciate your comments. Another question for you. If you look at this image and please forget about the composition, would you suggest that I should not have used my strobes or are they positioned wrong. In this shot I had them both out to the side. Thanx Paul
  8. Greetings all I'm trying to improve my wide angle shots which is a whole lot harder than I thought. Any help will be much appreciated. These were taken @ Seven mile, Sodwana, South Africa. Thanks Paul Motor Marine II Ex 16mm lens 60 and 90 YS strobes
  9. I'm happy to hear that as I really enjoy this site. I hope that in the near future I'll take the step into the 21st century. Either way I still get to do underwater photography and that is what I really enjoy.
  10. I know this is a digital site and all but I shot these with a MotorMarine II and dual strobes (YS-60 and YS-90). I'm getting better result with it than with my Sony digital. Maybe one day when I have enough cash I can purchase a housed digital system.
  11. Most of these pics were taken in Indonesia(Manado and Lembeh) as well as in South Africa(Sodwana) and Mozambique(Ponto Do Oura). Thanks Paul
  12. Just got back from Manado and Lembeh, fantastic diving alround. Enjoy...wish I could go again with you guys
  13. What is the best place to position your strobes when shooting macro?
  14. Greetings all I have finally purchased a pre-owned Sea & Sea MM II EX with all the extras, but now have a problem. Where do I start? I have done some reading on shutter speed, aperture setting and lighting. However what settings should I start with for both macro and wide angle on my first time out ? Any other advise would be much appreciated. Thanx in advance Paul My system is as follows MM II EX YS 60 YS 90 Both Macro and Wide angle lenses
  15. Some gr8 pic's Richard, but you seem a little ahead in time Bali - October 2003
  16. Greetings Another destination mentioned to me was Sipadan. How does one choose? From what I have heard so far is that Manado and Lembeh in Indonesia is very much muck diving and great for macro and Layang and Sipadan in Malaysia more for pelagics and wide angle. As a beginner to U/W photography which would be the better destination? Besides the photography which destination will offer the better dives? Thanx Paul
  17. Greetings all Sounds like you guys get to go the the RS often. I'm off to Manado in July and really looking forward to that trip. What would you say is the best part of the RS to dive and is live aboard better than land based. What time of the year is good so I can plan a trip to the RS! Thanks Paul
  18. I would be very interested in finding out what the results are from the Sea & Sea YS-25DX strobe as I believe you can adjust the exposure on it. Please post some of your results and let me know what you think of the strobe. Thanks Paul
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