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  1. Greetings all I'm still a newbie to U/W photography and recently attended a U/W photo society meeting. I came away with mixed feelings as basically what was said was that you should not just take a picture of a fish, there are certain rules as far as I can tell and alot of the people use light in many different ways. I just wanted to know what rules you people apply when taking photo's and crit them? Are there any good books or web sites that can help me in taking better U/W photos? Thanx Paul B)
  2. Had a look at the rig it is the MM II and not the MM II EX which allows you to adjust shutter speed. What is the down side to this and should I rather try and get the MM II EX. The guy also wants $450 and not $250 as I mentioned earlier. Also no lenses. Paul
  3. Greetings all I want to start underwater photography and not sure what camera to start with? MM II EX or the Nikonos V? Some guy has offered the system below for about $1500.00 Nikonos V Nikonos SB 105 Strobe Nikkor 35mm 1:2.5 lens Nikkor 20mm 1:2.8 lens Optical Finder 20mm Close up Kit 3 frames - 80mm, 35mm, 28mm Extension Tubes x 2 - 35mm -1x & 35mm - 2x Any help will be much appreciated Paul
  4. Greetings all Does anybody have any idea where I could get hold of a Sea & Sea MM2-Bayonet adaptor for the Sony MPK-P5 (part number 58120)? Thanx Paul
  5. You have some amazing images on your site Dave
  6. Greetings Can anybody tell me more about the S&S YS-50 Strobe or where I can read more about it. Thanx in advance Paul B)
  7. Greetings I have been offered to purchase a Sea&Sea MotorMarine II with YS-50 Stobe for +/- $250, would this be a good deal or not and when examining the equipment what are the things I should look out for or test. This would be a second U/W camera as my first one is digital and not the best when it comes manual settings and macro. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanx Paul B)
  8. Hi everyone My name is Paul and I'm from Johannesburg, South Africa. I started diving in December 2000 an have been hooked ever since. Both my wife and I are both qualified as advanced divers. I just can't get enough of this sport, I love it. I think what makes it so special for me is that I live some 600+ kilometers from the nearest coast. So every chance we get it is to either dive the South African coast like Sodwana or Aliwal or the Mozambique coast(which is my favorite place). What we are planning to do now is try different dive sites around the globe. I have only been a member of this forum for +/- 2 weeks but really enjoyed it, great to interact with people with the same passion for the sport. Paul B)
  9. The other option the travel agent has mentioned is in Indonesia a place called Tasik Ria and Lembeh Strait in Northern Sulawesi both which are inexpensive. I'm considering on doing these two above in July. Here are some links www.eco-divers.com www.tasikria.com What do you guys think? Paul
  10. Has anybody been or know of anybody that has been to Pulau Layang-layang in Malaysia or any other of the islands of Malaysia? Thanx Paul
  11. Hi sehsuan I'm currently using the Sony DSC-P5 but looking at purchasing the MM II EX camera which should help me to take better pictures as my current camera does not have many manual settings. Paul
  12. Some of the diving we experience here in South Africa and Mozambique. Excuse the poor phorography buy I'm still a novice at it but working on it to bring better quality. http://www.pbase.com/pah/divetrips
  13. The viz was not great on the original as seen below and I thought it looked better in B/W, what do you guys think? I'm using a Sony DSC-P5 with the marine pack as yet with no strobe. I used mostly the auto settings on the camers. Focal Length 8mm F-Number F/2.8 Exposure Time 1/200 sec ISO Speed 100 Hope this helps Paul
  14. I have just started taking photo's underwater and need as much help as possible. This picture was taken in Feb this year in Mozambique.
  15. I currently have a Sony DSC-P5 and the marine pack. Could anybody give me some advice on what strobe I should/can use with it? Thanks in advance Paul
  16. Has anybody been to Bassas da India? Please contact me if you have. These are the only link's I can find http://www.info.bw/~scuba/Bassas/Bassas%20...0intro.gif.html http://www.oceanleisureco.com/holiday_packages.htm
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