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  1. Selling the following items: The lot for US$2,500 or individually for the following prices: Nauticam housing for Canon 7d mk ii with vacuum check: $1,500 (the right hand rubber hand split but has been repaired) Zen glass dome 200mm: $850 (clean and no scratches, comes with cover) Gear for Canon 8-15mm f/4: $150 Gear for Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 ii: $120 ND 120 - extension ring 30mm: $150 ND120 - extension ring 60mm: $150 Shipping for buyers expense (Items are located in South Africa!)
  2. I am defintiely interested in these strobes! Sent you a DM.
  3. Wow, thanks for this info! I am about to take on United to see where my case lies and force somethng out of them. So all this info will go a long way in helping, I hope! Thank you ...
  4. Not sure! It was taken on my flight from Newark, USA to Johannesburg, South Africa. I have travelling all around the glode with my housing in the same pelican, for 20 years +, and this is the first time I have ever lost anything!! Doing some research, it does appear that the large ports in the USA are targets ... so not sure if Newark is a problem or not. When I went to Grand Cayman, I flew through Newark, and my housing arrived safely in the Caymans, but the return, not so lucky! Funny enough, I did mention to a fellow diver, I would love to know how the likes of someone like yourself, that travels more than most with their housings, handles their equipment for travel. Would be nice to hear? Certainly hope it was a once off, unless certain people are wising up to the value of uw housings these days, as they are pretty pricey!!! So future travels are going to be interesting as I will not be checking my housing (if I can afford to get a new one) ever again!!!
  5. Funny that it should be the SAME AIRLINE!!!! Wish i could sing ....
  6. Their definition of "valuables" is as follows: Jewelry, watches, items made of or containing precious metals or semi/precious stones, furs, binoculars, telescopes, computer games, any kind of photographic equipment (camera, camcorder) , audio, video, computer, television, fax and phone equipment (including mobile phones), MP3 players, tablets, laptops, PDAs, electronic games, TVs and CDs, mini discs, DVDs, cartridges, video and audio tapes. I am trying to get a Lawyer to determine if their definition of "photographic equipment (camera, camcorder) can be extrapolated to "underwater housing", as strictly speaking a housing is nothing other than a waterproof cover, and not a "camera". And likewise for lights - underwater lights do not fall under photographic equipment either - they can be simple torches if one wants to use them that way!! Interested in other peoples interpretations?
  7. Thanks Chris! I thought I did go through the T&C's but obviously not fine enough! They are classifying the housing as a "camera" and thus a valuable. So what would a housing be classified as as it is NOT technically a "camera"? Because the invoice says Nauticam housing for Nikon D850, they now seeing it as a camera, and not as underwater gear to basically keep the camera dry! Not sure what everyone else would classify the "housing" as, hence it would be good to hear from some insurance experts? I will definitley follow the weight story, although did try to explain to them I am forced to check it in due to weigh constraints, but again they hiding behind the definition of a "valuable". Thanks for your input!
  8. Hi Wolfgang, Thanks for your response! I would love to find a legal mind to peruse the T&C's because I also feel their definition of a valuable does not cover an uw housing, as a housing is NOT a camera! The insurance does cover theft, but they are hiding behind the "valuables" description and the fact that it was in my checked-in luggage. They saying it should have been with me in carry on. But my carry already weighs more than 7kg, and it just not possible for me to carry more equipment with me as I already have 2 bags, one with cameras and lenses and the other with laptop etc. Thanks for commenting!
  9. Hi Tim, Yes, they are claiming they are valuables (their definition of "valuables" refers to "cameras and camcorders", nothing about an uw housing, so they are seeing the housing as a camera - not sure how to get around this)! I would like a response from anyone in the insurance line because this is obviously very distressing, as I cannot afford to replace this housing otherwise. I purposefully took out the travel insurance to cover an event like this, not expecting this type of response. Thanks for your input! Cheers Anthony
  10. Hi all, My Nauticam Housing for a Nikon D850 was pilfered from my bag while travelling. Please take note if anyone should see one for sale. It had a white and black "rope" handle on top for ease of carrying. NA-D850 housing SN: A417627. Also taken were 2 x Nautieye video lights. Thanks Anthony
  11. Hi all, I would like to find out what everyone else is doing when they travel with their housings and uw gear? I recently travelled to the Caymans, and on my return trip, my Nauticam housing and video lights were stolen out my locked pelican case, which was check-in. The airlines and insurance are refusing to compensate saying that equipment should not have been in my checked luggage, yet I am not allowed to carry it on as my carry-on is already pushing weight limits with camera and computer gear. So would like to know what everyone else does when they travel? Thanks Anthony
  12. Hi Chris, Thanks for your reply. I took a chance that Jack may still answer ... I did go through the port charts but did not pick up on the Nikon 8-15mm differences! Thanks for pointing that out. Just need to find the 20mm extension now. Can't believe how expensive they are!!! Cheers Anthony
  13. Hi all, Looking to buy a dust collecting N120 Extension Ring 20. Thanks Anthony
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