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  1. Thanks Mark, nice Video! Looks like you had pretty clear water! Did you embark from Sorong? How were the engine/compressor noise levels, and the food onboard? I would love to learn about that too. And the dive sites as well. We've been to Misool and Sorrido Bay - looking for other options to the north side of Sorong.
  2. That's great Wolfgang!, last time I checked (around 12 years ago) the American company that produces these masks declined my request for my old +6 prescription. They just couldn't manage the thickness. If you can post the contact I will call them next week. I am affraid that I was not clear - I wear these prescriptions as contacts, not as glass - there are no 'pop in' lenses that go north of +3 so I am out of luck there as well. I am getting nervous as my contacts are not made stronger than +7.5 so I am near to be SOL if my eyes degrade further.
  3. I am still waiting for good options for + scripts. Not so easy for us far sighted multfocaled divers that I know of. I still use a +3 for distance in my dominant eye and a +6 for reading my gauges in my weak eye. My brain turns off the appropriate eye in any situation underwater but does get a but tired using this system topside. If I tried to get this with glass I wouldn't need weights!
  4. Yes, Fredi's Video is nicely done, Thanks for linking that Marcell, and quite a few lighting approaches there. I think some were lit below the lens, but I am not sure.
  5. I think this added a lot, Thanks. May I ask what lens was used for the wide shots?
  6. Hello! I am Simon, I am from Toronto, Canada and I (so far) we have only dived the nice warm water in the Caribbean and the Indo/Pacific regions. Last dives were to the Philippines (before the '19) and that was grrreat! ... 'not another frog fish'. I have lately dove with an aging Sony RX100m2 in Meikon Plastic with an Inon Z330 and Archon VL using an Inon UCL165M67 Diopter for Macro and a DIY fiber-optic Snoot for the '330 (as non were available retail before my trip) using 'rino old school cardboard cuttouts and a friends wet 3D printer. Using the strobe (primarily) and the snoot completely changed my underwater photography life. I resisted strobes so long - I was so wrong. My biggest personal challenge (as an older, and once a year diver) is remembering the motor skills and the (paltry) imaging skills that I learnt the previous year. I am looking to an improved housing, improved optics and a back lighting armature for my snoot.
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