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  1. 60 mm macro 8-15 mm fisheye Just waiting for Santa to arrive with my Nauticam NA-7D, Zen and all the other bits. Must get my drysuit repaired though.
  2. Thanks for sharing Andre. Some cracking shots. Just bought one of these lens and I am looking forward to testing it on my 7D. Mark
  3. There was a programme on national geographic channel called predator csi: Corksrew seal killer anout these sharks that was worth a look. Mark
  4. In my hands at first probably not but with lots of practice I hope so :-)
  5. Hi Allison and thank you for your reply. Always nice to hear that someone has had good results with an item before buying. Should arrive tomorrow. Just hope I can do the lens justice. Mark
  6. Hi Tim and thanks for your input. The other lens though is a Canon not Sigma. I have now decided and ordered the new Canon lens. I guess it's just too new to get many people's thoughts. I will be buying the Zen 100 dome to go with the lens. Mark
  7. Hi and thanks for the reply. I had seen the article and have spent hours browsing the web. Will the canon be as versatile as the tonika underwater?
  8. Hi after the sad loss of my wife in what has been the worst time of my life it is time to get back in the water and more importantly get my 7d in a case. I have already decided on the Nauticam (phone call on the way Alex) and was all set to get the tokina but with the 8-15 now available (I know it's more expensive) is it the better option or should I just stick with the tokina. I have done the usual Internet search and the images do look a lot better with the canon but I also know the tokina is no slouch as many of you use them with great results. So my question is given the choice which one would you buy or is there any need for both. Regards Mark
  9. Hi looks like Alex is going to empty my bank account :-) I thought the grab handle was a really good addition to the rig and should make it easier getting on and off boats. A company called http://www.uw-fotopartner.com/ had some lovely carbon fibre arms at a good price but its a bit redundant if you have to cover them with foam. The stix set looks good. Its a bit anal I know but I prefer them with the edges rounded off like the ones in the review by Cor Bosman and Julie Edwards so will have to get my drill out. Going without your camera normally means you see lots of interesting stuff.
  10. Hi I have just been in your situation and have decided to go for the Nauticam over hugyfot, sea&sea or aquatica. All housings have everything I need but for me it was how the housing felt, what features the housing had (eg port lock) customer service and price. Most people told me to get my hands on each of the housings and talk to the reps/users. Not a lot I know but all i've got at the moment :-)
  11. I had a cracking time at the dive show today. Thanks to Alex, Tim and Terry for all your help. I decided on the Nauticam housing and sola 1200 lights. My reason for choosing the Nauticam housing over the others is down to the design and how it felt in my hands. I liked the Hugyfot shutter release but the housing seemed a little odd when held. I know both housings were only held out of water but the Nauticam just felt more natural. The viewfinder was just incredible on the Nauticam and will be another buy. Just need to save now. Me
  12. I have Martins book but its only the 3rd edition, so will have to get the new one. I should find out saturday which housing I will get as I should be able to get my hands on all three. People on here have been great and have made things a lot clearer for me now. Mark
  13. Thanks for the tip Chris. I will try that setting. I gather you can set up to 3 custom settings so will have a play. Mark
  14. Hi ChrisI know a little but nowhere near enough. I am getting some lessons from a friend of the family who is a very keen amatuer but he does not dive. OK for now though. Regards Mark
  15. Hi Alex will certainly come and have a play. See you on Saturday. Mark
  16. Hi Steve. Thank you for your kind words. I am really looking forward to getting the 7D wet. I plan to keep practicing above water for a little while as I am finding it a lot more complex than the other compact types I am use to. I will look out for a 60mm macro. Do you recommend the canon one? Or is there another make you think highly of? I have some ultralite arms but will need some buoyancy arms as I think the rig will be a little too negative. Never thought of using a tripod but you are right it may be better to practice my stills first :-) Thanks Mark
  17. Hi after being out of the water for a while due to my wife’s battle with cancer its now time to get back in the water and after a trip to the Maldives I realised my photos would not get any better with my current set up (Canon ixus, inon lens' and inon z240 strobe). So in anticipation of a trip to the borderlands with blueO2 in April I have purchased a Canon 7D. After looking on wetpixel and the net I seem to need Case: Either an Aquatica, Nauticam or Hugyfot. I am going to dive 2010 next weekend and will try out as many as I can to see which is best suited to the size of my hands. Another Z240 strobe Tokina 10-17mm lens and at this point I seem to get stuck. What other lens’ do I need (macro, WA) ? Will I need lights like the sona’s if I also want to shoot bits of video. I am only an amateur and only take pictures for my enjoyment, although I do want learn to take better pictures. This is my first SLR camera and any help on with this matter would be gratefully received. Mark
  18. Hi this is not a bad option, my friend has the 75 with the inon fish eye and a inon strobe and he likes his results. If you are happy with a p&s then this is not a bad option (I have the ixus 900ti with various inon lens/strobes), but I warn you this game is addictive and as such after just 2 years I am on my second camera and am now looking for a dslr to replace the ixus. I hope this helps. Mark Also for your Inon stuff try here http://www.uwdigitalcamera.com/ Great service and better prices than the UK
  19. Thanks Serge. I didn't know it was as easy as that. I have only used my set up once in a dark quarry and most pictures seemed over exposed. I will try in the red sea next week. Regards Mark
  20. Hi can anyone help. Please My friend picked me up some bits to add on to my 900ti ixus (sd900,ixy1000) I have a z240 strobe and have never used one before, I will attend some workshops later in the year, but I am off to the red sea next week and could do with some tips on basic setting. I have the stobe connected via a fibre optic kit all bought from inon. I have no idea where to start and what settings to use on the strobe, I will try a few different things while I am away but could do with some idea of where to start(other than buy a camera with an elecrical sensor ) I can post a picture of the rear of the strobe if this will help. Please can anyone help. Regards Mark
  21. I have just looked at the pictures on you site. WOW!
  22. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, it has helped to ease my mind a little. I have a friend who is in japan at the moment and is meeting Yuzo. He has said he will bring the bits I need back with him. I will keep an eye on the classifieds because I wouldn't mind trying a different lens (fish eye?). I have been trawling through lots of posts trying to pick up some tips, but it can get a littlebit confusing. Thanks again for your reply. Mark
  23. Hi this is my first post so please be gentle. I have had my canon sd500/ixus 700 with a wp-dc70 case for 12 months now which is as long as I have been taking photos and have decided to buy some add ons: Z240 Strobe UWL-105AD Wide Conversion Inon AD Mount for DC70 Inon Arm Package (base mount, 2x clamps 1x 8" ball section 1x Z strobe adapter) Inon DIII Grip base grip Inon Fibre Optic kit for DC70 housing But before I buy iI need to know if this is a good idea or should I but an Olympus sp-350 and pt 030 and then buy the equivalent of the add ons for the sp-350. I eventually plan to go down the dslr route, but probably not for a year or two. Plaese help as the more I look into my options the more I get confused. Mark
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