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  1. RT @pat_purnell: Now hosting live demos and POC'S of the PowerMax 2000 @DellEMCSolCtrs in Round Rock. https://t.co/b4anRG0EX2

  2. RT @BizTechMeg: Our next #SWUKVMUG event is now online for you to register! Join us on the 20th March at @bbsciencepark to hear from commun…

  3. Couch engineering again tonight.

  4. Running low on #podcasts people. Virt tech, photography and odd stuff suggestions please https://t.co/PS8GYOdaAp

  5. Reminds me of Le Ballon Rouge. https://t.co/DN9FvXzMvJ

  6. Podcasting killed the RAY DEE OHH star! Congrats @Gimletmedia https://t.co/9mJNbT00jm

  7. RT @Nick_Wang1: successfully upgrade to Vxrail 4.7.100,the whole processing is very simple.amazing the engining solution.@VxRail @DellEMC h…

  8. Opportunity rarely knocks twice...


    #vBrownBag EMEA - Getting GCP Certified- How to start with Konrad Clapa #vbrownbag

    https://t.co/RXEZmmBgpj via… https://t.co/oZn8SuGxGk


  10. Enjoyed this one today, a bit of a mashup in good way [Gigacast] Episode 26 – The vSAN is Strong with this One w/… https://t.co/sCTTsTEDW9

  11. 79: GreyBeards talk AI deep learning infrastructure with Frederic Van Haren, CTO & Founder, HighFens, Inc.… https://t.co/8y9pvJTJBJ

  12. just because i cant see the fire hydrant - doesnt mean im a robot i swear

  13. Looking forward to covering HCI with @TadhgConcannon Wednesday in Cork https://t.co/0J0V9t5ddA

  14. Nice to shake hands and have a sit-down @spencerralph in #Limerick today @DellEMCSolCtrs. The swag is appreciated 2… https://t.co/9L9tYBoqk4

  15. RT @EveryduolC: Cloud IT Infrastructure Revenues Surpassed Traditional IT Infrastructure Revenues for the First Time in the Third Quarter o…

  16. RT @aaronbuley: VxRail front and center in the Sydney @DellEMC Solutions Center. 💪😎 https://t.co/qBYfh5SQJa

  17. RT @VDIallStar: Check out my latest post. my thoughts on the role of @VxRail in the SDDC https://t.co/tV1zn4tnVI #vExpert #vSAN #HCI @vExpe

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