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  1. Does anyone know how to completely disassemble Nauticam standard viewfinder? Even if I can evaporate the moisture out there appears to be some deposits left. In the attached image the last O-ring remaining seems to be impossible to grip to pull out. Not sure what else I'd have to do afterward. Thanks in advance for directing me to any resources or threads about this. Kurt
  2. FOR SALE: Sea & Sea MDX-PRO D700 Housing for Nikon D700 (condition: acceptable) *No leak. Healthy O-ring. Buttons/dials functional except as described: Among the four arrow buttons on rear back, the right button has suffered some rust in the spring and isn't functional; perhaps reparable? But the D700 menu is still completely accessible thanks to center and OK buttons. During playback image scrolling still accomplished with rear wheel. Only lack of functionality due to button is not being able to move to right while zooming in image playback or manually moving focus point to right, which are not essential. PRICE: $500 (OBO) Thanks, Kurt Chambers Kailua-Kona, HI https://www.facebook.com/hawaiifreediving https://www.instagram.com/chambersbelow
  3. FOR SALE: Sea & Sea MDX-D800 Housing for Nikon D800/D800E (condition: excellent) Housing was never used in ocean, only a few times in pool. PRICE: $1600 (OBO) Thanks, Kurt Chambers Kailua-Kona, HI https://www.facebook.com/hawaiifreediving https://www.instagram.com/chambersbelow
  4. FOR SALE: Seacam Housing for Sony a7III/a7RIII (condition: like new) Seacam Pro Viewfinder (condition: new, never used) Includes all accompanying accessories shown. PRICE: $4500 (OBO) Thanks, Kurt Chambers Kailua-Kona, HI https://www.facebook.com/hawaiifreediving https://www.instagram.com/chambersbelow
  5. @underwatermatt: I'm sitting on a Sea & Sea MDX-D800 in excellent condition. It's actually never even been in the ocean...Only the pool a few times. I bought the D810 when it first came out...But come my trip it was so fresh that no housings had been released for it yet. The D810 was so similar to the D800 that I gambled on buying the D800 housing in hope that most of the buttons would line up, which they did for the most part. But after I returned from the trip for which I bought it, proper D810 housings started becoming available and I opted for one of those and forgot about the D800 housing. And I didn't end up having the time to bring the housing into the ocean during the trip anyway. You can inspect the images I've attached. Please PM me an offer if you're interested!
  6. @ianmarsh Thank you for your detailed guidance on servicing Nikonos 15mm. I dug up an old one I've been sitting on which has a front element in great shape, just a few bits of dust adhering to inside which I hope to remove if possible. Per your suggestion I bought a spanner online, but its extremely sharp points aren't grabbing the drainage holes very well, which caused a few slips and scratches added to the ring. Is this the type of spanner you used, or would I be better off with one without such sharp tips? And you mentioned applying some penetrating oil, which may be necessary as I had quite a bit of difficulty just getting the protective cap to begin unscrewing. Mind sharing an appropriate example of an oil? Thanks in advance, Kurt Chambers Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i https://www.instagram.com/chambersbelow https://www.facebook.com/hawaiifreediving
  7. WTB - Nauticam Nikonos Adapter for NA-A7II/A9 (37202) *In any condition. Thanks, Kurt Chambers Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i https://www.instagram.com/chambersbelow https://www.facebook.com/hawaiifreediving
  8. Price of Pawel's housing with Nikonos 15mm?
  9. "Perseverance pays off." Thanks, Alex, for your continued help. I'm happy to report that I have now acquired all of the functionality that you originally reported! My base plate with camera mounted fit snug and flush in the mount, but your suggestion of playing around with this got me to lock the base plate without it seated all the way in…i.e., I let the camera sit ~2mm closer to the back. This allowed the buttons on the back to finally reach far enough to depress the camera buttons enough. So then I made a temporary spacer out of cardboard to keep the base plate from going all the way in, which continued to allow the buttons to work. But I noticed that clamping the back down didn't appear to seal the bottom side of the housing; I could see the O-ring from outside. Looking carefully it became apparent that the photo/video switch is what protrudes the furthest from the back, and since it's now misaligned with the new position of the switch on the camera it must be the cause of the insufficient seating. Appeared to be easy to remove the switch from the inside of the housing, a single Phillips screw, so I did. Replacing the back still left a gap on the bottom, so then I tried it again without my cardboard spacer. With the base plate seated fully in the mount all the buttons now work and the back appears to seal fully! The photo/video switch couldn't be used anyway due to the misalignment, so removing it from the inside of the housing (which still leaves the switch sealed on the outside) seems to be a solution for making the housing compatible with the D810 and retaining nearly all the button functionality. Have you tested this in the water yet? I guess I will now (tub of water test first). While some users may be fine with losing the capability to record video, I actually am still determined to sort it out, and I think it's possible. The photo/video switch actually wouldn't be necessary. I just tested what happens if the switch is set on video and you hit the shutter button…The camera still shoots a photo (you have to specify this in the custom menu). In fact, the camera acts entirely in photo mode unless you hit the Live View button to start video mode. So I just need to figure out how to get the arms to reach the Live View and Record buttons. These buttons are within millimeters away from the existing housing ones, so it seems feasible. Still interested to hear any guidance on this if anyone has any or can direct me to some! I came very close to ordering the Nauticam. But I think I'll be able to stick with trusty Sea & Sea now!
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