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  1. I have a Aquatica 5d iii housing (which by luck fits perfectly the 5DS & 5DS R) The good : I have lots of spares - O-rings, button tips, clips and latches Includes backscatter vacuum system Includes optional ISO lever Replaced both Kikons bulkheads and strobe electronics Never flooded The Bad : Light surface scratches on the housing (not on the port) I also have---- 18463 extension for the Canon 8-15 Fisheye with Aquatica lock (same as 48463) - $125 18426 macro port with great glass and neoprene cover. $150 18453 extension ring - $75 Reefnet subsea adapter for macro port above - $50
  2. some photo from La Paz in Baja Californina - Mexico bwmanta shark stonefish
  3. hey guys, i have a g16 that has out of no where the lens has got stuck. it still turn on but doesn't take long to turn off because the lens is stuck (reading -error) i have visually checked and everything looks clean. but I'm wondering if it worth throwing or fixing if anyone has had the same issue. Chris
  4. hey, i live on the east of Spain, but have been lucky to diver all over the world like most. shooting with canon and aquatica. Since cover i have been lazy to do anything. but now have had a boost of confidence to get back into it and be inspired by others Chris
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