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  1. Yes, I have followed the instructional and the inside o ring is in place. It just seemed odd that nothing is actually holding the viewfinder into the housing other than the pressure from the vacuum and the 3 o rings. I.E with Lens ports all have some form of locking mechanism, whereas the viewfinder appears to have nothing like this. It’s basically like a little Dutch boy sticking his finger into a leaking dam
  2. Do be fair, I wouldn’t say ‘moving it’ more a case of ‘pulling and twisting’ it’s not ‘easy’ but I can break the seal if I pull hard enough not ‘gritted teeth hard’ just wondering if anyone can say that there is no way you should be able to break the seal. im also thinking once I’m in the water, then the pressure will add to the vacuum.. I have followed the installation guide/watched the vids and backscatter have assured me it’s the correct viewfinder for my housing...
  3. Hi all, I have just installed my 45 viewfinder and I was a bit concerned that I was able to twist it a little once the housing was vacuum sealed. I was also able to pull it out and break the vacuum seal ( although it wasn’t easy). does this sound right? Or is it more a case of ‘there shouldn’t be any real way to physically be able to pull it out the break the seal’ just want to check the community before I either : A) stop worrying B) flood and destroy.
  4. Unfortunately not, because I cannot predict when it’s gong to happen. Generally I find it’s about once every 40 dives
  5. Stays blue..for a while and then returns to flashing blue...it’s a weird one. I really don’t think it’s the battery as I’ve had 3 different batteries in it over the time and it’s happened with all of them. it doesn’t really bother me that much now as it clearly isn’t losing pressure, but the bloody annoying thing is that I don’t now if the alarm would ‘actually’ work if there was a leak.. I’m hesitant to wiggle stuff after I tried to remedy a TTL board issue with ‘wiggling’ and it ended up being expensive thanks for your thoughts though. I just though someone may have had the issue and gotten to the bottom of it,
  6. Reactivating this topic to pick brains. i have a nauticam Nikon system and have had from new for 1.5 years and 200 dives+. Very occasionally it goes from green to the blue ‘standby’ when it hits the water. The first couple of times I aborted dives, but always found the vacuum to be intact on venting and once left it in the changed ‘blue’ stage for 6 hours before venting and it seemed to be completely intact with a full vent after 6 hours. Anyone have any ideas or similar issues? I’ve completed 3 dives with it in ‘blue stage’ after it changed from green as I hit the water or just beforehand...no leaks. so, not ‘green to yellow’ but ‘green to blue’ and the blue is the standard slow flashing blue from when you reset the alarm prior to closing the housing and pumping... I have changed batteries several times.
  7. Could you please cite this operator as soon as you resolve your issue.
  8. God’s pocket/ Galapagos master both rescheduled for next year with no increase. im happy with reschedule. Books aggressor Belize for this August. If cancelled they said it would have a voucher for the money paid. I said ‘no dice’ As I am only coming because of the 50% discount, so they agreed to let me move to another boat with no up charge if the trip was cancelled.
  9. I was in Cozumel 2 weeks ago. Flew into cancun. Full large pelican air case with all the nauticam rig keldan lights strobes partridge in a pear tree. opened it all, she asked of it was hobby or professional- said hobby, she asked how much it all cost, i cut 10k off and told her; she wished me a good trip and I went on my way.
  10. I have a friend who used TRT and swears by it. I have one, but bought it without realizing it is not compatible with my strobes (YSD2J) the customer service was very good.
  11. I second most sentiments on this board. I have used the YSD2J strobes for almost 2 years and I have to say I don’t love them in the same way I love my other equipment. I have had a very difficult time getting the TTL to work with the Nikon Z7, to the extent that I have given up and I have had them fail on me (backscatter replaced without question) I have used them to take award winning photos, granted...but I have already moved to 4 x keldan lights for most macro shots and I will not be buying the YSD3s when I replace them at the end of the year.
  12. Keldan *****this topic is now closed ****
  13. That’s one of the best looking fish I have ever seen. I would have killed to shoot it up close with the MWL-1. beautiful!
  14. is this a glass or acrylic port?... just wondering...
  15. and....to agree with some of the points made above, the best course of action is likley to study the food that all of these guys eat and the standard depths they are at. Iv'e seen plenty of people stare at a painted elysia for 5 mins and see nothing, but once you realize what they eat, you see them everywhere.. One issue with Coz as well is the current makes photographing very difficult. so if that is the aim, i would suggest a smaller photog rig.
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