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  1. Includes caps, hood, box, and pouch. Price includes free shipping in the continental USA and Paypal fees. Thanks!
  2. Price includes free shipping to the continental USA and covers Paypal Fees!
  3. Comes with hood, caps, box, manual, pouch. Has some light wear, including a little painted chip on the edge of the barrel next to the focus ring wear my Aquatica gear's set screw dug in once. Works great, sharp lens! For $649, I'll ship for free in the continental USA and I'll cover Paypal fees. Thanks!
  4. Lens includes caps, case, box, and paperwork. Price includes free shipping to the continental USA and Paypal fees. Thanks!
  5. Comes with lens, caps, pouch, box, and paperwork. Excellent working condition with very minor wear. $400 includes free shipping and Paypal fees to continental USA.
  6. Price drop to $129 with free shipping in the continental US. Thanks!
  7. Selling my Hartenberger Nano Focus Light. Comes complete with box, battery, charger, manual, and ULCS adapter. $149.00 OBO
  8. GoPro Hero 3 Black with a tons of extras including LCD and battery backpac, multiple housings, mounts, remote, and Backscatter's Flip Filter system with 2 blue water filters (mid and deep...I think). $199 OBO.
  9. I had the Tokina lens serviced by Tokina and has a clean bill of health. $250 OBO!
  10. Hi Bill, yes I can send an invoice and if paid today, I can ship today easily. Be on the look out for the invoice soon. Thanks, Jim
  11. Hi Bill, I'm asking $275. If you're in the Continental USA, I'd pay for shipping. And yes, I accept PayPal. Jim
  12. I have the following for sale: Ikelite D7000 housing with light use and hasn't been wet since Ikelite serviced it. $950 OBO Precision Dome for the Tokina 10-17 (and other lenses) for $250 OBO Precision Dome for Sigma 15mm (and other lenses) $250 OBO (older style before they got the dome shade figured out) Nikon D7000 camera complete with box, manuals, charger, 2 batteries, and a 3rd party grip, under 10K shutter count $275 OBO Tokina 10-17mm for Nikon. The zoom ring is loose enough that you can remove it, but once in place, the lens works fine above and below water. I work at a camera shop and will consider getting it repaired, but the price reflects the sub-optimal condition. $200 OBO.
  13. I forgot to mention, both of these ports come with a port body. The one on the "Can-Ike" is the 5510.11 standard wide angle port body and the other has the extended port body 5510.16 (I think) for use with a 1.4X TC with the Tokina 10-17mm. I can swap them out if someone prefers one port body over the other. Thanks!
  14. I have two 5" Precision Dome Ports for sale. Both are in great condition and barely saw use. My time using Ikelite was limited. They are the Prec-5in-Tok-ike and the Prec-5in-Can-ike Head here to see a complete listing of which lenses each port is optimized for: http://uwcamerastuff.com/precision_5_dome.htm New, these ran $425. Would love to get $275 OBO for each. Thanks for looking!
  15. Up for sale is an Ikelite housing for the Nikon D7000, the modular 8" Dome Port with shade with new port body (5510.11) for the 4 lock system plus a the longer 5510.22 port body (not shown), the modular Flat Port with Focus Extension and port body for use with the 105mm macro lens, a Y sync cord (4103.52 Ikelite to Ikelite), and two DS51 strobes with flex arms (not shown, but can add images upon request...they're in great shape). The zoom gears/sleeves are also in there as is a grab bag of control tips and parts I've accumulated over the years. The dome port has some light scratches that normally don't show up in images unless shooting directly into the sun. They should most certainly be able to be buffed out. I could even give it a try if my arm was twisted. I'd love to sell the entire package to one person, but if it doesn't sell in a couple weeks, I'll consider selling pieces individually. My eBay ID is beneathblueseas. New this package runs close to $4000. Package Price: $2000 + free shipping to the continental USA. Cheers!
  16. Saw your post in Fred Miranda's forums, and I figured I'd see if you had it here, too. Just checking!
  17. Another bump? Why not! Extension ring is gone, but both zoom gears are available. Make me an offer!
  18. One more bump! Lens now at $960 with free continental US shipping. D300 now at $400 with the same shipping as above.
  19. Another Bump. Housing is sold. Video Light and dome still available. Make me an offer!
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