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  1. Hi I am also a newcomer to underwater photography and have built my rig on good advice from experienced users going for the rx100mk2 gives better use of the camera with a variety of aftermarket wide and macro wet lenses inon or nauticam on the mk3 results may not be as good as the camera lens is different on the rx100 and mk2 version 28/100. On mk3 to 5 they have a 24/70 so aftermarket lenses do not work quite as well in video modes they are ok because it works in crop mode A word of caution check all lenses as they may vignette choose only lenses to suit which will work for you and your rig especially for wide angle lense Hope this helps
  2. Hi I’m using rx100 2. Inon z240 strobes TTL magnet out as the rx100 uses a pre flash camera setting flash on fill setting it is working ok on my setup with fibre optic cables Hope this helps you will still have manual control also.
  3. Drp

    My first trip

    The dsmb and spool were on carry on they were fine going out of the uk Gatwick but not returning from Lanzarote and were confiscated by security after checking my main luggage in . As I’m aware you are allowed to take rechargeable battery within certain limits on carry on but not in the checked in cases. I am going to Egypt next month and will be taking my photography equipment Battery For weefine 2300 focus light ,three battery’s for my Sony rx100 and also 8 eneloop pro for my strobes I think some security at airports abroad are going a bit over the top I want to avoid any equipment being confiscated again for no reason
  4. Drp

    My first trip

    I had my apeks finger spool and dsmb confiscated coming back through Areciffe airport security Lanzarote also which batteries were confiscated on you return from Egypt as I’m there next month We invest our hard earned money’s into our hobby not to get it taken away unnecessary. I was fuming when my gear was confiscated our sport is expensive just diving let alone underwater photography as well I just over the bridge in South Wales and also visit ndac but dive mainly Pembrokeshire coast Dale
  5. Hi is this equipment still for sale I am very interested Kind Regards
  6. Hi all I am currently building my rig which is Sony rx100v. Sony housing. Inon grip base with two handles With ball joints also have the shoe mount ball for a focus light I am looking for advice on reliable strobes and a good focus light Inon d 300 or the newer z330 twin setup which arms ?and lengths? getting the rig slightly negative ? Focus light options with auto shut off I have Inon wide lens with dome also Inon macro lens Would greatly appreciate any sound advice
  7. Hi Im a new member based in the UK
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