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  1. Hi All, Is anyone using a BS Kinetics housing with their DSLR? I saw them at the Boot show last week, and they looked quite nice. Price seems OK, and rated to 80m (160m possible). However I've not seen anyone using one, and they don't seem to have a UK stockist. So anyone got any stories either good or bad about them? Thanks John
  2. Hi All, I currently have a VX2000 with gates housing. I'm considering upgrading to HD, and wondered if anyone you you lot have managed to get your hands on an FX7, and more importantly wondered if it would fit in the VX2000 housing (as a temporay measure)? The piccies on the web of the FX7 show it to be fairly similar in size and shape to the VX2000/PD150. To be honest, I'm not expecting it to be able to fit, but it would be nice Thanks John
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