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  1. hi Tim thankyou for your reply. was not sure what to look for but your advice was helpful and has given me a good idea of the differences
  2. hi all looking into wide angle lenses there are wide angle and dome lenses what is the difference between them and benefits of the different lens. thanks
  3. Has anyone been to Mexico lately. does anyone know if the customs still target divers looking for cameras etc and charging a heavy import tax on cameras. going to playa del carmen / Cozumel
  4. diving UK temperate waters would you use a diffuser or better without. are they best suited for warmer tropical waters.
  5. Hi thanks for the pointers/ advice it was my first time in the water with the strobe didnt want to play around with any camera settings thats why i left it on AV i dont think i had the TTL set properly so need to play with that again next dive and also want to play with manual mode more next dive
  6. never used a strobe first dive with it Inon D200 point of the dive was to take it underwater and get used to it just moving it around into different positions and handle it underwater. I set camera on AV f4 and left it there diving in temperate water conditions. https://www.flickr.com/photos/39395874@N02/46726604204/in/album-72157704200262512/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/39395874@N02/47449643201/in/album-72157704200262512/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/39395874@N02/46534408975/in/album-72157704200262512/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/39395874@N02/46726602014/in/album-72157704200262512/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/39395874@N02/46534408185/in/album-72157704200262512/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/39395874@N02/47449640481/in/album-72157704200262512/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/39395874@N02/46726598964/in/album-72157704200262512/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/39395874@N02/46534405765/in/album-72157704200262512/
  7. thanks for the responses and thanks for the link chris that is usefull
  8. might sound like an obvious question but in trying to work out what position is required for the control switch cannon g7x is it a pre flash type digital camera? I have looked through the control manual but it doesnt explain or mention anything like this. reason i ask is i have a inon D200 strobe and on it has a switch called the advanced cancel circuit switchand it has 2 positions up or down. in the instruction manual it says. push and turn to left/right to lock the switch when using camera/housing below non pre flash type digital camera optical connection compatible film camera housing (inon x1 housing) so do I use it in the up position or down. ‚Äč
  9. over the last 12 months i have been building my camera set up. i went for 1) camera- canon GX7 mark ii 2) nauticam housing with tray and handle setup 3) just got my first ever strobe Inon D200. 4) next purchase will be a wide angle lense in a couple on months though. i got the camera and housing first and got familiar with the setup and playing with the camera settings, i then started to look at strobes and after much research went for the inon D200. i now want to get in the water and get familiar and used to using my strobe as i have never used one before. now saving up for a wide andgle lens.
  10. thankyou for your imput that has been very usefull and now im leaning towards manual rather than TTL i was just thinking that setting the power mode for a shot and getting my head round how the power settings work and what they mean would be confusing. the strobe im looking at getting is the inon D200
  11. Hi all i thought i had a little basic understanding of what TTL does in a strobe, that it would be an automatic flash exposure without having to set any power output? i am about to get and use my first ever strobe and trying to learn as much about them as i can. I'm now getting confused as i thought this would just be a case of connect strobe via optic cable turn strobe to TTL and it sorted it would work. my camera is the cannon gx7 mark ii, do I have to set anything up on the camera for this option to work
  12. hi has anyone got or used the inon d200 strobe yet any thoughts.
  13. Hi all im trying to find out what the maximum syncronisation for shutter speed is for my gx7 ii im guesing this is the maximum shutter speed for the strobe to work.
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