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  1. Coldwater. This camera is color but I am not sure if it pal or ntsc. Most monitors and recording devises these days can handle either one. I do not have a power supply or monitor. 12 volt plug could be adapted to a cigarette plug on a boat or simple car battery. The RCA plug will adapt to any tv these days. Cable is not armored but insulated. It is recommended to now tow by the cable alone but use and braided wire next to it. The switch is to turn on the LED lights.
  2. This setup is well over $1200 new from seaviewer.com. $450 OBO. This coup be a very cool toy for any dive operation. Drop down to a reef and stream live video or record anything behind the boat at 2-12 knots. Thanks for looking
  3. Looking for a good low profile, less drag housing beside a go pro for use free diving. Any recommendations.
  4. I purchased the a very cheep one it is difficult to clean once the dome floods.
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