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  1. Hey Guys, my self servicing got my camera alive back from Tioman Pictures are up at http://sehsuan.clubsnap.org/uwcs
  2. meister, i did not purchase new black O-rings. i took mine out carefully using a screwdriver, in a similar way you'd gently take a poached egg off a hot pan. paste, please be careful! my friend on another forum has shown me another site, http://pt010.da-kine.info/topics.htm , which has cautioned especially when doing the zoom lever - because if the lock "bolt" is not fastened into the groove, there is a risk of flood!
  3. paste, i tried it out in the swimming pool in my institute, it's only a 1.8 meter deep test though. no problems.
  4. I just did a cleaning of the casing by myself, and did a tutorial for those interested in how the PT010 is constructed. I've yet to test out the casing at pressure at a nearby swimming pool to see if the sealing of the black O-rings are intact, but i'll keep you guys posted! Wait no longer, here is the article! http://sehsuan.clubsnap.org/olympus/ Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for anything!
  5. just did the color-correction/adjustments for the underwater photos - gosh, what a difference it makes! Before --> After
  6. how deep were most of the pictures taken, RichardG?
  7. this is a little offtrack, but the info that is on seapix... hey, quite a lot of stuff i find highly relevant to a beginner like me
  8. Folks, here's my AOWD course trip photos - it has an assortment of non-diving pics in it as well. Here it is! http://sehsuan.clubsnap.org/padi-aowd/ P.S. The u/w shots are not color-corrected, and also no strobe was used.
  9. so i see. i hope to acquire another 4040 for my u/w photo purposes in the near future, soon. and i pray i have the money for a 90DX too...
  10. hmm interesting that the aperture is only 5.6 to 8.0 for most of the shots - wouldn't that be too dark, although you're using a strobe?...
  11. wow... the waters are really THAT green? didn't know that sea water can be that green, even after diving it. too used to seeing NGC documentaries such... heehee... btw, which sony cybershot camera are you using? pardon me if i seem at bit at all rude - i'm also new to u/w shooting
  12. WOW! the pictures... amazing! i particularly find the eyes of the sharks very well lit... something that i haven't been able to see even on documentaries...
  13. thank you yahsemtough, for standing up for me. i see no point in further replying to markh's apparent flare-up (at least from his words). i just logged in, only to see a point-blank reply that wasn't in the least helpful. everyone has a personal conscience - me too. but i have no prior knowledge of the "laws of the diver". perhaps i didn't make it clear enough, my group (and i) were having the dive in tioman as the open water dives leading to our OWD certification. in other words, this is our first time diving with tanks in the sea. we have no idea what we can do, and what we can't do - hence the boo-boo. frankly, the starfish was handed to the girl by our asst dive instructor while we were on our leisure dive - i wouldn't want to touch anything underwater myself too - gosh, i can remember how slimy the sea cucumber was when the asst dive instructor gestured for me to touch it... eeelch! he later explained that he wanted us to have an idea of what we can touch or what we can't touch underwater... as for the bread bottle that was brought down, we received no objection from our instructors apart from safety. as for this, i didn't know it's a no-no. seriously, can any one point me to some site that has diving ettiques? it would be helpful and i could disseminate the information with my other coursemates to prevent them from doing anything like that in the future.
  14. oopsie! apologies folks, but is there any place where i could read up on divers' ettiques?
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