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  1. Just wondering if anybody knows whether I should be looking for the M67 type 1 or 2? Looking to use with a nauticam rx100v on the standard 67mm mount. I think it was the type 2 on the older H-100, but I'm not sure about this more recent wet lens and I can't seem to find any obvious compatibility details on inon JP. Grateful for any input, ta.
  2. Hi guys, UK diver based on Dorset's Jurassic Coast. I've started an UW photography themed blog: https://www.jonunderwater.co.uk/ - mostly to escape from my other responsibilities- and I'm currently diving a Sony a6000 in a Seafrogs/Meikon housing with an s-2000 strobe. I tend to focus on shooting shallow reef and seagrass life around Dorset and Cornwall.
  3. Ah, sorry mate, just realised I've messaged you on scubaboard too, please ignore that one. That's a shame, was really wondering how practical it was underwater, yeah C-19 has a lot to answer for! Glad to hear the 10-17mm works on the mc-11 though. Hopefully we can all get back in soon.
  4. Ah brilliant, I've been trawling all over here and scubaboard to try and find somebody with this rig! I've an a6000 and I've just picked up the tokina 10-17mm because I really wanted to try my hand with the fisheye. I'm looking at the salted line housing with the "6 dome. Would you be able to help me with any of the following Tom? 1) Are you using the sigma mc-11 or metabones adapter? Any issues with hunting autofocus underwater with natural light? 2) How do you rate the salted line housing, have you dived it much and have you had any problems with leaks from that bottom pistol grip bulkhead? 3) Would you be willing to share some pictures taken with the tokina in the 6" dome? Grateful for any input, as I'd really like to know if this combination is viable before dipping in. Thanks, Jon
  5. Oh really? That's interesting, do you mind me asking what housing/dome you have it in? Also, any chance you could share some pics you've taken with it? Thanks, Jon
  6. Not wanting to hijack the post, but I'd not heard of anyone successfully running the Tokina 10-17mm on the mc-11 adapter? I'm looking to mount that lens on my sony a6000 but all the successful pairings with the sony mount I have found seemed to use the metabones adapter? (Would love to be corrected on this). http://www.divephotoguide.com/underwater-photography-special-features/article/sony-e-mount-lenses-for-underwater-photography-part-2-fisheye/
  7. Hi guys, realise this thread is getting on a bit now- but did you get it to work? I've also got a sony RX100 and I'm eager to make use of an old MMII wide angle. Really curious if this is a goer or not.
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