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  1. looking for Nauticam N120 Extension Ring 70 w/ Focus Knob and Nauticam N120 Extension Ring 20 with lock. thanks Collin
  2. I have Athos Insurance. I had my Red Epic go in the water from a slip on a boat. They covered everything. Thats the only claim I have had and been with them since 2014. Ive asked them about every scenario I could think of and they said yes it will be covered. Not sure if they do outside US or not but I would recommend checking with them.
  3. Shoot with pro tune settings on so you can control it better. What is making your images bad? If you are shooting over/under do t forget to spit on the dome, wipe it around, let it sit for few seconds, then dip and shoot.
  4. Ive shot most of the Florida springs with a Gopro Knekt done set up. Ive taken a lot of great still and video images.
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