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  1. Thank you for your contributions. By your experience would be better hence to keep sync speed on 1/250 or 1/250 Auto FP ? I would prefer much more to shoot in TTL and not think too much to manually regulate flash intensity, as far as I want an even light. With D800 my experience is based only on land so far, I do some studio photography but the strobe setup is completely different, there you can use a light metering, and in any case have the time to setup the light for the shot, underwater is very different. When I shot wildlife on land I use multiple area focus depending on subject, but I will shoot macro UW so perhaps I will stick with single or 9 points.
  2. Hello, I have just switched to a DSLR system, my setup is a D800E in Nautical Housing with 2 strobe INON S2000 activated by the in-build flash with finer optic cable. I would like to know from someone with similar setup what would be the sync speed I can push the system, has anyone tested at 1/250, 1/320 or above? Second I was wandering if I-TTL mode would work as well as flash exposure compensation, somehow I feel it would be easier to adjust rather than using the small knob of thee strobe. I will be shooting Macro with 105 Micro VR, in your experience is recharging time really bothering in this setup? What alternatives do I have to fire my strobes, and what are the gain ? thank you for your suggestions.
  3. I'm Giuseppe from Italy. happy to be part of this community.
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