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  1. Thanks all, for your tips! I have the camera set up in the housing and have been practicing out of water- sure is heavier! Haha! Of course, my first day trying the system out was in Cozumel, near shore, with quite a bit of surge... I do have a focus light- an older Sola. I am headed to Philippines (Pura Vida & Amun Ini) in March and hope to have had plenty of topside practice for better success! At least I wont be in heavy current!
  2. I just upgraded to a new Canon FF system and am selling a Canon 7D and Ikelite housing and DS161 video strobes with chargers. Also included are two sync cords and a pelican hard case. Tray, handles and ultralight buoyancy strobe arms included- System has never been flooded. Works well. Asking $2,500 for the body, housing, lights and cords.
  3. Hi, Just upgraded from a comfortable 60 mm macro lens that I used on a Canon 7d/Ikelite housing and DS161 strobes. I had great success in capturing macro shots- but on my first outing with a new Canon 5d Mk IV, 100mm macro lens, and new Nauticam housing I found focusing and even finding the subject (I also upgraded to a 45 deg viewfinder) incredibly difficult to do! Any pro tips on managing the change from the 60 to 100mm lens? Much appreciate it!
  4. Hi members- I am Brian and live in Northern California. Been diving since 1989 and took up UW photography about 8 years ago- started off with a canon point-and-shoot and worked my way up through the Sea & Sea DX1G, and from there to a Canon 7D with an Ikelite housing and strobes, to finally make the serious jump to a full frame, Canon 5D Mark IV, Nauticam housing and Sea & Sea strobes... This jump was a bit nerve-wracking since the investment was dramatic- I have been on one dive trip since purchasing the new rig and am very happy with my decision. Now its time to really learn how to use it! I look forward to reading tips and suggestions from this community. Thanks in advance for everyone's tips/experiences!
  5. I just upgraded from a 7D/Ikelite system to the full frame 5D MkIV- i have been on one dive trip and so far am thrilled- but I too am quite the novice when trying to figure out which settings are best for which environments. Is there a forum for these types of issues? THANKS!!
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