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  1. Fathom WA90 Wide Angle Lens Light & Motion for Stingray / Bluefin 2650 Bayonet PN802-0259 WA90 SER#1186 Price: $795 Listed on Ebay as well. Fathom WA90 Wide Angle Lens (PN802-0259) Light & Motion for Stingray, Bluefin | eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fathom-WA90-Wide-Angle-Lens-PN802-0259-Light-Motion-for-Stingray-Bluefin/233122036512?epid=1501624329&hash=item364727fb20:g:GVUAAOSw2zRcWPws
  2. Fathom Wetmate 65 Ancillary Wide Angle Lens by Light & Motion for the flat port of Stingray / Bluefin. Outside into the groove of the flat port is used the O-ring to hold the attached lens with it’s large diameter of 150mm. During diving the lens is easily removable and can be fixed on a optional special bracket, which can be mounted on the top of the housing. The lens is in the mint condition and looks like brand new. Please note: I'm offering for sale the lens with two O-rings only! To be able to attach the lens you must have the flat port with grove installed on your housing. Price: $295 The lens is listed on Ebay as well Fathom Wetmate 65 Ancillary Wide Angle Lens Light & Motion for Stingray Bluefin | eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fathom-Wetmate-65-Ancillary-Wide-Angle-Lens-Light-Motion-for-Stingray-Bluefin/233122038433?hash=item36472802a1:g:qkcAAOSwo1lcWP98
  3. I'm using 2 led Sunray 1200 lights and I would like to ad the 3rd one Sunray HID (xenon) light. Would that be a good idea?
  4. I make it simple: I'm setting WB on auto with the lights and I'm not using the filters.
  5. I'm using XPS 15, Core i5-6300HQ@2.30GHz, 8GB, 1TB hard drive and I'm going to upgrade soon. Software: Pinnacle Studio 20
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