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  1. Thank you all, Perhaps I misspoke, for which my apologies. No existing housing manufacturer except Nauticam offers a solution for using WACP. Port adaptors exist of course, and there are manufacturers that can produce bespoke solutions. Camera placement within housings is not standardized however, so it will take experimentation to discover appropriate port lengths etc, as well as finding zoom gears. None of this is impossible, it will just take some time. I hope that the other manufacturers will correct this very soon! Adam
  2. Currently, only Nauticam housings are compatible with WACP. I hope that this situation will change! Adam
  3. Thank you Elias, This is a great resource for the Wetpixel community. Really appreciate all your hard work.... Adam
  4. Bluntly, if macro is your objective, there is no mirrorless system that can autofocus like the D500! It all depends on your priority I guess, if you emphasize the quality of the imagery you produce over everything else, you should probably go down the SLR route, if ease of carrying is your priority, consider mirrorless. That said, people produce very fine imagery with just about any camera, and the limit is (in my case) the person behind the camera rather than the camera! The Micro 4/3 ecosystem as many fine lenses that are very suitable for underwater use. There is limited compatibility with other systems (as far as I know they will not work on SLRs, for example)
  5. I can conform that the John Doe (1) password reset email have been sent to your "vsatguy" email address. Which "Contact admins" link did you use? If there is a broken/not functioning link, I need to fix it I can confirm that the John Doe account is still active and functioning. We have changed servers and software, but it has ported your account and settings..
  6. Hi Mike, I'm just replying to your email, but will reply here. I'm glad you have joined and started to interact witH the Wetpixel community (after having enjoyed our events at DEMA!) Someone with your experience has much to offer the Wetpixel community and I look forward to seeing your posts. As you probably found, the reasons for requiring at least 3 posts in order to post in the Classifieds forum are laid out here:
  7. Hi John Doe I/II, How have you been trying to reach us? I have not had any messages or emails from you? It is concerning if people are trying to contact us and the mails are not getting through... Adam
  8. Although the Z series are the "latest thing" they have a few features that currently makes them challenging to use underwater: Lack of native lenses with focal lengths suitable for underwater use. You can use the adaptor with F mount lenses, but you then remove the optical advantages of using the Z mount! Relatively poor AF compared to D500, D850 and D5. We rely on AF underwater and the better it is, the better your images will be! Very high resolution can be a drawback underwater...we shoot through water (which has stuff in it) and any optical flaws that are created by the lens/port become more obvious. Of course you could deal with the optical flaws by using a WACP, but this would add a significant cost to your budget! You are correct that DX has a greater depth of field. However, you can stop down and still get great bokeh. You will still get significant corner distortion with a fisheye lens on the Z series, so will need a 7" dome and to keep the aperture at f8 or so or higher. The bulky/heavy part of any underwater system is the housing. There is negligible difference in size/weight between z series and SLR housings. I doubt many people are shooting Canon M series underwater for all the same reasons as above! Adam
  9. Like the others, I am going to avoid the Nikon vs Canon discussion! I have now used D500 and D850 quite a lot underwater. In almost all circumstances, my choice is D500. However the joker in the pack is the WACP. This is an amazing piece of glass and really excels with big animals...which kind of makes your decision harder! I think it probably needs to boil down to your plans. As others have said, the WACP is a nightmare to travel with and many of the issues with WA disappear when you use DX. The 10-24 with a large dome is a very good tool too. I must confess to being caught in the same place too...I decide to carry the D500 and then think about using the WACP and change my mind! Adam
  10. It should all migrate over the next few days.... I'm not sure how you had 2 names...but you are correct, both forms of the forum software (old and new) only "allow" one. All the best Adam
  11. Hi folks-apologies for the delayed response. That said, Chris-I haven't had any emails from you! Can you let me know which email address you used? There is no reason why the forum software would randomly change your username. Or at least, there is none that I can think of. I can see that you logged in from a new device on 08/12, while this should not affect your user name, perhaps something in the recovery settings caused the change? I have now merged your accounts, so your Undertow username will be replacing "burville". Let me know if you need anything else! All the best Adam
  12. Good point John... I wil have a prune! All the best Adam
  13. Tom is away for a few days...he will catch up on his return Adam
  14. Hi all, For those of you that use Tapatalk, it should now be working... Any bugs, please let me know. I've also fixed the links to the trips on the trips page. Adam
  15. Hi all, To join our community, our registration process requires individuals to verify their email addresses and make a post on the forums, before being able to post a topic. User tchakatak has done the former but not the latter. However, I did pick up some weird changes in the permissions that meant that New Members could create topics in other forums etc. I have now shut that down. I have also made it so that New Members must post an introduction by adding a reply to the Member introductions thread in the Galley before being able to post elsewhere or create new topics. Thank you all again!
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