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  1. Good point John... I wil have a prune! All the best Adam
  2. Tom is away for a few days...he will catch up on his return Adam
  3. Hi all, For those of you that use Tapatalk, it should now be working... Any bugs, please let me know. I've also fixed the links to the trips on the trips page. Adam
  4. Hi all, To join our community, our registration process requires individuals to verify their email addresses and make a post on the forums, before being able to post a topic. User tchakatak has done the former but not the latter. However, I did pick up some weird changes in the permissions that meant that New Members could create topics in other forums etc. I have now shut that down. I have also made it so that New Members must post an introduction by adding a reply to the Member introductions thread in the Galley before being able to post elsewhere or create new topics. Thank you all again!
  5. I can only really speak from the perspective of the workshops that we (Wetpixel) run. We definitely feature and devote significant amounts of time and energy to formal learning, although I am personally unconvinced about the benefits of underwater coaching due to the inability to effectively communicate. Hence, the techniques can become formulaic, which is perhaps what we strive to avoid! Describing and understanding complex techniques is hard enough at the surface! For a workshop venue, we tend to also chose locations where subjects and condition can be repeated-allowing for post capture image analysis and then attempting different ideas for improvement. Perhaps more importantly, when you gather a group of image makers (and remove any element of competition), it results is an incredible cooperative creative energy. In many ways, much of the learning come through discussing, sharing, watching and emulating what others people on the workshop are doing. You can get a similar experience (without the formal learning element) when diving on imaging specific trips, where everyone is capturing images and devoted to it. You tend not to get it on trips when some of the group are not image makers!
  6. Thank you all for the spam reports. There is a setting in the board that allows members to add other members. We had this switched off, but by default with the upgrade, it was on. Hence a few spammers used this to add each other. I set this to off after the first "attack" but it seems to have switched itself back on... I have now added a lot of unobtainable requirements, which should stop this even if it activates itself again. I'll keep trying! Once it settles down, I might reactivate it so that existing members ("in good standing") can add people. I quite like the idea of this. What does everyone else think? I spent a reasonable amount of time trying to get Tapatalk to work yesterday, but have had to submit a support request to them. I will keep everyone posted and sorry for the inconvenience while I try and get this fixed.
  7. Link works for me too! I think I have killed the source of the spam members, but please let me know if you see any more.. Adam
  8. We seem to be getting some spammers posting. Interestingly, they all registered in 2018, so it may just be a coincidence. Please let me know if you see any spam posts so I can delete them Many thanks to @Chris Kippax Adam
  9. I've just edited the topic title so that people can add any bugs they find to this thread. I will now merge the bugs from the other topic too..
  10. Tapatalk is not working currently. I'm working on it...
  11. So it seems we are back! Please feel free to check out the updated forums and report any bugs that you may find... Heartfelt thanks to Tom St.George who did all the hard work Thank you all for your patience too.. All the best Adam
  12. Thank you Wolfgang! Just a reminder that the forum will be offline from today (Weds 24 July) until (hopefully) 1500 GMT on Thursday 25 July. Thank you for your patience... All the best Adam
  13. Dear Wetpixel community, We are changing our servers and updating the site in order to provide some exciting new features and functionality over the next few months. Many apologies for the inconvenience, but this means that we will need to take the forums offline for around 24 hours. We plan to do so from 1500 GMT (1100 ET/0800PT) on Wednesday 24 July and hope to have everything back up and running by the same time on Thursday 25 July. The front page should not be affected, nor will our social media accounts. I will be posting updates on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Wetpixel/) and twitter. Thank you in advance for your understanding and please bear with us while we get the site updated. All the best Adam
  14. Please ensure that you have read and understood the ground rules for posting in the Classifieds before doing so. The Wetpixel Classifieds is an area for members of the Wetpixel community to exchange items. As such, we currently require a minimum of 3 posts in any of the other forums before new members can post in it. The goal is to encourage new members to share their ideas, stories and knowledge within the community, and to be a part of the most vibrant community of underwater image makers on the planet! A few other rules: 1. Industry/Commercial members: Please get in touch with us via the contact form (http://wetpixel.com/contact) to determine whether your post in appropriate. This is on a case-by-case basis. Please note that this is not an area for the commercial advertisement of products, but we recognize that Industry members may also have pre-owned gear available that may be of interest to the Wetpixel membership. 2. Please note that topics and posts cannot be edited or deleted. If your items have sold, simply add a reply to the topic stating this. Similarly, price reductions or other post amendments should be done by adding to the original topic, rather than creating a new one. 3. If you have multiple items for sale, please list them in a single topic. 4. Many thousands of successful and mutually beneficial transactions have been completed on this forum. However, it is inevitable that this will attract a small number of individuals that may act fraudulently. If you are uncertain as to whether a transaction is legitimate or not, please consult this topic and/or contact us. The admin team have tools that can help detect fraudulent activity, but we rely on the community to be our "ears and eyes." 5. Wetpixel cannot assume responsibility for any activity on the forum. If you chose to proceed with any transaction, you do so at your own risk! 6. Please report your experiences as a buyer or seller in the feedback thread. Any posts considered by the admin team to be in breech of any of the above rules, may be edited or removed at their discretion. Thank you! Adam
  15. Hi all, Stephen Frink has reached out to find out if anyone has "any photos of diving along the ledges offshore of Wilmington, NC for megalodon teeth? Alert Diver seeking topside and UW shots of same." Please email JPGs for review to Stephen. Alert Diver pays for image use, so this is a good opportunity if any members of the Wetpixel community have any in the image libraries.
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