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  1. The 2021 Wildlife Photography of the Year Contest has just announced its results. Notable in this year's contest is the number of underwater and marine reacted images placed in the rankings, the overall winner being an underwater image, and our fellow contributor @Alex_Mustard's well-deserved win of the Natural Artistry category. In this episode of Wetpixel Live, he and @adamhanlon discuss all the marine and underwater-related winners.
  2. The Wetpixel/DPG Masters of Underwater Photography contest is accepting entries and Wetpixel Editor @adamhanlon provides critical guidance for entrants on Wetpixel Live. One of the most prestigious and significant underwater imaging contests in the world, the contest offers photographers and filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their work to a global audience and win some cool prizes too!
  3. Responding to a discussion on the Wetpixel forums, @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon discuss how long underwater strobes can be expected to last. Alex emphasizes that while longevity is one criterion for evaluation when selecting a new strobe, perhaps the quality of lights that it creates should be emphasized.
  4. The Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest has released a preview of some of the images that made the finals of this year's competition. @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon discuss the marine-related images from the collection.
  5. Hi again all, Another would-be scammer reported by Wetpixel super sleuths Daniellreland Danielireland544@gmail.com (banned 16/09/2021) Again, his MO was to approach buyers with goods they were seeking in the forums via PM. I would urge that people are very wary of anyone offering goods that are not listed in the classifieds via PM, and especially so if they have no posting history in other forums on Wetpixel. Thank you once again to our amazing community members Adam
  6. Hi all. Please can we keep for sale adverts (as opposed to equipment advice) on the Classifieds forum? Thank you! Adam
  7. 2 more fine gentlemen... mickshawn214 mickshawn214@gmail.com (banned 09/07/2022) samueladebanjo00 samueladebanjo00@gmail.com (banned 09/07/2022) Our friend Samuel wants you to deal with his friend that ah the goods. His friend's email is stuartgill618@gmail.com Please exercise caution with anyone offering goods via private messenger as opposed to via posts on threads in the forum... Thanks as always to the community's super sleuths!
  8. Sadly, it is front focusing, so is likely to be difficult to house..
  9. And thanks to the amazing Wetpixel community ...Jor (equipments@protonmail.com). Banned (08/28/21)
  10. I should add another note of caution to by guidance above. Please be cautious about taking sales off the Wetpixel platform. If the sellers/buyers insists on dealing via email, .especially early on in the progress of a transaction, this is a possible red herring... Adam
  11. It is shared in the YouTube show notes, but here it is again. Raja Mono - A study in Contrast by Ron Lagerlof: https://vimeo.com/162729511 Adam
  12. I have no experience of having my housing serviced, so cannot comment. Post it as a separate thread?
  13. Converting underwater images to black and white or monochrome is frequently used by underwater image-makers with images that have exposure issues. @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon discuss how this is perhaps not the best approach to creating stand-out photographs. They go on to discuss some of the tools and techniques they use for shooting and converting images to back and white.
  14. Have a chat to Kevin at Aquaphot (https://www.aquaphot.co.uk/about-us/) UK based, he really knows his stuff and has grease for all types of O ring available. Adam
  15. One important difference between D500 and D7XXX series is the autofocus performance.The D500's is nothing short of magical! For the type of images you are seeking, it is an important criteria. Adam
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