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  1. So they are all at work again...please use caution. Definite scammer: traviskeese00 (traviskeese00@gmail.com) banned 07/31/21. Adam
  2. Both @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon are enthusiastic champions for controlling the light their strobes put out, in order to ensure that their subjects are beautifully lit. One way to help to do so is to reduce the amount of light by switching one strobe off or simply only taking one on the dive. In this episode, they chat through the situations in which they tend to use a single strobe and the advantages of doing so.
  3. Corals provide a habitat for many of the creatures that we seek to photograph. However, as @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon discuss, they also are a fantastic subject for underwater image-makers. They talk about the equipment and techniques of photographing corals, along with some creative ideas for those seeking to add imagery of these beautiful creatures to their portfolios.
  4. @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon chat about one of the most crucial wide angle lenses in the underwater image-maker's lens bag: The fisheye. They discuss why this type of lens is so good for capturing underwater scenes, some tips on how best to use it, and why focal length is not all that it seems when talking about these types of lens.
  5. Many underwater image makers are still unable to travel to warmer climes. This has led to a resurgence in interest in diving in home waters, which sometimes involves cooler water temperatures than those individuals are used to. @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon chat about how drysuits can help make image-making enjoyable and pleasant in cooler water, and how to go about choosing the right drysuit can help make photography and videography in cold water productive.
  6. Hi, My experience is that Aquatica in Canada are super quick and efficient. I would try to email them? Adam
  7. Big animals represent a subject that fascinates most underwater image-makers and one they seek out opportunities to interact with and document. @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon chat about how to best make use of the fleeting opportunities that these animals often present.
  8. A commonly asked question here on the Wetpixel Forums is how much experience individuals should have before taking a camera underwater, and what type of diver training can help people to get better underwater imagery. @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon delve into this subject on Wetpixel Live, discussing their own approaches to diver training, what qualifications they use and how to ensure that capturing images underwater can be enjoyed in a way that is safe for divers and the marine environment.
  9. Diving at night offers underwater image makers creative and subject options that are simply not available when shooting in the daytime. @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon discuss some ideas for making night dives photographically productive, including equipment tweaks, organizational ideas, and suitable subjects.
  10. I think I answered: On the basis of the images you have posted (with the proviso that the port set up was probably incorrect) would I say that this lens combination works for underwater photography works? My answer would be: No, it does not. I would not chose or use this lens combination. BUT, and this is the point we are all trying to make to you, if YOU are happy with them, that is largely all that matters. In underwater imaging terms, I freely admit that I prefer Michelin starred! Adam
  11. @Alex_Mustard expounds on his theory that the most useful underwater imaging accessory is one often neglected by many underwater photographers and filmmakers. The snorkel can open up a wealth of creative and technical opportunities that scuba and other breathing systems just do not allow. It is perhaps a little-known fact that many of Alex's early images were actually shot while using one!
  12. I think there was a lot of confusion about battery carriage in general a few years ago. We can all share anecdotes from that time I'm sure! However, it seems to be largely sorted now, as check in staff have got got to grips with the IATA regulations. I find that printing this document out can help: https://www.iata.org/contentassets/6fea26dd84d24b26a7a1fd5788561d6e/passenger-lithium-battery.pdf I also shamelessly use the "all lithium in my carry on" explanation to justify why my carry on weighs 25kg
  13. So...as others have said, does it do what you want it to do? If it does, I would suggest it seems fine... Technically, it's close focus seems very limited, corner sharpness is not great (which may be the lack of extension), and focal length seems to be too narrow for most wide angle subjects, and too wide for portrait type shots. The latter is the biggest issue. Take the image of the divers for example. In order to get the a field of view that allows you to capture the divers, you have been forced to back away, which has meant that you have no way of getting your lighting on too the subject. A wider lens, will allow you to get a field of view and to light your subjects...
  14. Nearly underwater imaging gear relies on batteries of some form for power. Traditional batteries are being gradually replaced by more powerful Lithium-based versions, but this in itself is not without risk. @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon discuss some of the pros and cons of different types of batteries and how we can increase the safety of using and charging Lithium-based ones.
  15. Take care and travel safe...thank you for all that you have done for our community. Please don't be a stranger.
  16. The Ocean Geographic Awards is a significant annual underwater imaging contest. It offers an amazing 17 categories and rather than trying to review all the winning images, @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon review a curated selection from the contest, providing feedback about the images.
  17. @adamhanlon and @Alex_Mustard catch up on what has been going on in the underwater imaging world over the past few weeks. They discuss the Nauticam EMWL, Nikon Z mount macro lenses, Inon Z330 and D200 strobes, Lightroom Super Resolution updates, and some great news for shark conservation.
  18. One of the hallmarks for being productive as an underwater image-maker is to be efficient. @adamhanlon quizzes @Alex_Mustard about how he organizes his day when he is in the field and what he does to ensure that he extracts the best of each creative possibility once he is underwater.
  19. I would post this is the video forum....
  20. I guess given that most people use the 16-35mm at the 16mm end for most underwater use, I think the 24mm is probably a poor choice too. We need ultra wide angle lenses due to water's inherent effect of reducing FOV. It is also not simply a question of getting a similar extension in terms of the overall lens dimensions. Some lenses simply do not work well behind a dome port. The only way to know whether a given lens works or not is to experiment (or find someone else that has!) To reiterate, this is to do with lens design, and is not related to the lens's physical dimensions. A good pointer though is to look at manufacturer's port charts. They list the bulk of lenses that are known performers. If the lens you are seeking to use does not appear this is a good indicator that the lens performs poorly. Look forward to seeing your pictures... .
  21. The 5D Mk II is a great camera, but I think you really need to rethink your lens options. As others have pointed out, optics behave significantly differently underwater and many (very good) optics simply do not provide acceptable image quality when used behind a dome port and in the water. Granted, I have no personal experience of using the 35mm behind port, but given that no one else in this community has either, I think it is unlikely to work. It really is far too narrow to be a useful focal length underwater anyway. Saying that, if you want to go to the time, expense and effort of testing it underwater, I'm sure we will all be very happy to see your results
  22. Happy World Oceans Day 2021! Today is the United Nations World Oceans Day. @adamhanlon chats to the curator of the World Oceans Day Photo Contest, Ellen Cuylaerts about the origins of the day, the amazing events being held today, and how underwater image makers can help ensure that the beauty, majesty, and perils of the world's oceans can be highlighted on this special day.
  23. Many image-makers find that the colors in their images are not faithfully reproduced when they share images online or in print. @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon discuss the cause of this and go on to talk about how selecting the correct color space for a given purpose when exporting files can help ensure that our work is faithfully represented when it is displayed.
  24. So Nikon has today announced Z mount 105mm and 50mm macro lenses: https://wetpixel.com/articles/nikon-announces-z-mount-105mm-macro-lens https://wetpixel.com/articles/nikon-announces-z-mount-50mm-macro-lens The 105mm is exciting , particularly for full frame users. Finally, we have the opportunity to see if the optical qualities of the new flange actually make a significant difference by comparing with the F mount 105mm on an SLR. I suspect that it will! The 50mm seems a disappointment, largely because it is front focusing, which will create challenges with ports. 50mm would be a great focal length, so it is a shame
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