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  1. A large female tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) swims serenely by a diver at Grand Bahama's Tiger Beach. Large numbers of females gather in the area, the majority of which seem to be pregnant. The exact reasons for this are unknown, but it is surmised that the sheltered water of the Bahamas Banks, along with a proximity to mangroves for them to pup and to protect the vulnerable young sharks may be the reason. Diving with the amazing Epic Diving Nikon D810, Sigma Imaging UK 15mm f/2.8, SEACAM CP port, SEACAM Seaflash 150 strobes. 1/200@f/10, ISO200. Backlit by an INON global Z240 strobe triggered by a Anglerfish Creative Lighting trigger, this Norton motorbike is a much photographed relic of war in the holds of the famous wreck of SS Thistlegorm at Sha'ab Ali, Red Sea, Egypt. Diving with Tornado Marine Fleet, organized by Scuba Travel Nikon D810, Kenko Tokina 17mm f/3.5. SEACAM Superdome. On camera strobes were SEACAM Seaflash 150s. 1/125@f/10, ISO3200
  2. I can't see any drawbacks to this, except, I add specific keywords in my import metadata. I guess the advantage of using one travel catalog, keeps your entire keyword list current? Adam
  3. Hi folks! I identified that many people seem to struggle with catalogs, particularly with how to import "trip" catalogs which contain edits and sorts, into a "home" catalog. So here is the way I do it: https://wetpixel.com/articles/tutorial-lightroom-field-workflow Very happy to use this as a basis for discussion, feel very free to add comments on here.
  4. Do you have another flash handy? You could even use the one on your phone? Try to trigged the Backscatter strobe with another flash. If you hold the end of the fiberoptic cable against an external flash, it should produce enough output to trigged Ritz's. If you disconnect the fiber cable from the Backscatter flash and trigger the camera (with the flash trigger on), you should be able to see the light from the trigger in the disconnected end of the fiber optic cable. Adam
  5. A bundle of color! A Janolus savinkini nudibranch makes its way across the sea bed. Taken in the Lembeh Strait, Indonesia, diving with Critters at Lembeh Resort Nikon D500, Nikon 60mm f/2.8, SEACAM housing, SEACAM Seaflash 60 strobes. 1/250@f/4.5, ISO50 Photographer Li Westerlund catches the shot. This whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is performing a vertical feeding behavior known as a "bottle" or bottle. Every year, hundreds of whale sharks aggregate off Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Wetpixel has been there for the past 15 years or so... Diving with the excellent Keen M Bluewater Nikon D850, Nauticam WACP, 1/200@f/8, ISO 200
  6. Vibrant colors and an abundance of life. Anilao in the Philippines is not only a macro destination! Mike Bartick explains more on Wetpixel: https://wetpixel.com/…/going-big-in-little-town-by-mike-bar… Taken while diving with Solitude Acacia Resort during the 2018 Anilao Underwater Shootout. Nikon D500, Nikon 8-15mm f/3.5-4.5, SEACAM CP port, INON globalZ330 strobes with 4600°K diffusers. 1/25@f/10, ISO160 Extreme super macro! Nudibranch porn! Nudibranchs are simultaneous hermaphrodites; ie. they possess both male and female sex organs and copulation is usually reciprocal, both individuals donating and storing sperm The "business end" of two Nembrotha cristata sharing and donating. Taken in Puerto Galera, Philippines with Atlantis Dive Resorts & Liveaboards Nikon D850, Nikon 105mm f/2.8 VR, Nauticam SMC-2, INON global Z330 strobes. 1/25O@f/10, ISO100
  7. Each spring, Ras Mohammed on the southernmost tip of Egypt's Sinai desert attracts huge school of fish. Located on the confluence of the Gulfs of Suez and Aquaba, it is a place where pretty much anything can happen... Here a photographer shoots a school of Bohar snapper (Lutjanus bohar). Nikon D810, Nikon 16-35mm f/4.5, SEACAM Superdome, SEACAM Seaflash 150 strobes. 1/125@f/10 , ISO640. Processed with Seim Silver 3 in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Diving with the rookery of grey seals (Halichoerus grypus) at the UK's Farne Islands is amazing! The seals are incredible interactive and chose to engage and interact with us clumsy humans... Nikon D500, Nikon 8-15mm f/3.5-4.5, SEACAM CP Port, INON globalZ240 strobes. 1/125@f/8, ISO1250
  8. Emperor Divers' Lisa Pulzer poses next to stunning soft and hard corals in Egypt's Red Sea. Nikon D500, Tokina Lens 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5, SEACAM Seaflash 150 strobes. 1/200@f11, ISO250 Boaz Samorai hovering over beautiful, healthy table corals at Apo Islands, Philippines. Taken while diving with Atlantis Dive Resorts & Liveaboards at Dumaguete. Nikon D850, Nauticam USA WACP, two INON global Z330 strobes with 4600°K diffusers. 1/250@f/10, ISO250.
  9. Agreed-the Wetpixel FB group has over 34000 members... Almost as many as on here. The advantage of posting on here is that the images will be around forever (!). Social media posts tend to be very quickly looked at and not engaged with as thoroughly.. Our community is open to all to enjoy..! Adam
  10. While I am always inspired and fascinated by marine creatures, sometimes, the people are amazing too... Cave diver, explorer and excellent model Vincent Rouquette-cathala of Under the Jungle poses in the very beautiful Otoch Ha in Mexico. Nikon D500, Nikon 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5, SEACAM Superdome, SEACAMSeaflash 60 and INON global Z240 strobes. 1/60@f/8, ISO320
  11. I firmly believe that an image should "stand on its own feet" and engage the viewer regardless of how difficult it was to shoot, or how rare the subject is. However, this shot of Richard Savenije taken during a fun dive after a Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) JJ-CCR Rebreathers course in very challenging conditions, shows how technology can help us document the things we see underwater. It was shot with a very high resolution camera (Nikon D850) using a @Nauticam WACP and two SEACAM Seaflash 60 strobes. Camera settings were 1/160@f/6.3, ISO 800. Despite the large aperture, the WACP still provided decent corner performance... Taken at Capernwray Diving centre
  12. A great hammerhead (Sphyrna mokarran) patrols the sea bed off Bimini, Bahamas. Taken while diving with Epic Diving. Nikon D810, Sigma Imaging UK 15mm f/2.8, SEACAM housing and Seaflash 150 strobes. 1/320@F/9, ISO320.
  13. A close up study of the rhinophores of a Marie's Mexichromis (Mexichromis mariei) as it moves across the black sand sea bed in the Lembeh Straits, Indonesia. Taken while diving with Critters at Lembeh Resort Nikon D500, Nikkor 105mm f/2.8, Nauticam SMC 1, INON global Z240 strobes. 1/320@f/22, ISO100
  14. Lembeh Straits, Indonesia with Lembeh Resort Calling all underwater image makers! Most of us are under some kind of restrictions due to the COVID-19 outbreak. To remind everyone of the beauty and majesty of the world's oceans and underwater places, please open up your image libraries and share your work. Tiger Beach, Grand Bahama with Epic Diving Anilao, Philippines with Solitude Acacia Possible venues include the Wetpixel Underwater Photography Facebook group, or here in the forums Farne Islands, Northumberland, UK Many resorts and dive operators are also facing very uncertain futures. May I ask that we tag our images with where they were taken and provide shout outs to relevant imaging related businesses? Raja Ampat, Indonesia with Dive Damai Isla Mujeres, Mexico with Keen M Share, share, share!
  15. Folks...the OP is asking for help with D850 focus settings while shooting macro... Can we please try and keep the discussion at least relevant to his enquiry? If you want to talk about GH5 and Nikon's commercial viability, please do it in another thread? Alternatively, if you have direct input about how to focus this camera while shooting macro...fill your boots!
  16. The point being made was that Barbados's economy (which you chose to use was an example) is based on international banking, not tourism. It may be the case that this is going to be significantly impacted by the crisis, but your assumption that tourism's decline would dramatically affect Barbados's economy is incorrect. I am quite sure that we are ALL very aware of how serious the situation is and, bluntly, we do not not need you or anyone else to point this out, particularly by conflating people's reasoning with that of Trump's. In terms of resilience, it is likely that per capita income will be the key metic. Economies that have small populations with high incomes will likely fare well and vice versa. Many of the places that we love and visit as underwater image makers have high populations, with low incomes and hence the prognosis is dire. Perhaps, rather than pontificating, we should be trying to figure out how we can help these people?
  17. Sorry Massimo, I'm not following your argument.. Has Trump stated that we should not be concerned? In addition, has he stated so about Barbados? If not, you post has no relevance to the discussion, which is about the facets of the cOVID-19 outbreak. I cannot see how Trump's statements in connection with COVID-19 have any relevance to any discussion on COVID-19 travel restrictions?
  18. I think that shooting the D850 (or D500/D5) in single servo mode is like driving a Ferrari at 30mph... For the majority of my shooting, I use Continuous AF with 3D focus tracking. 3D tracking allow the camera to use color and exposure information, along with the phase and contrast detection sensors in the AF and image sensors. Effectively, it allows it to use its whole soft and hardware to achieve focus. I also use back button focus. The combination is more accurate that my eyes! Even in a situation where you are shooting slow moving subjects, you still move a little in the water!
  19. Hi Jack, Yes and no. I understand how hard hit the industry in general is and did not mean to exclude anyone. Happy for you to offer support and details of special offers etc. I would rather avoid links to external sites. Let's see how this works. As long as common sense prevails (this is a community not a classifieds) it should be fine. I will assess and revise as required/needed. Adam
  20. It is not that simple. I own a bunch of Nikon F mount lenses, and I need F mount bodies to put them on....this ensures my loyalty to the brand. This is common among many photographers. If Nikon choses to cease to support existing lenses, photographers would then be forced to entirely reconsider their brand of camera. They are aware of this and know that doing so would ensure that they would cease to exist as a company! Nikon themselves told me that they were not developing any new SLRs and then released the D780 and D6...they have not (to my knowledge) made any official pronouncement that are no longer going to produce any new APS-C SLR cameras. I foresee a period in which they will be designing mirrorless and SLR cameras in parallel. Nikon's release schedule has (nearly) always been dictated by developing new technology, rather than by some kind of artificial release schedule. Think D800 and D500 (sensor and AF technology advances respectively) I would be very cautious about predicting what Nikon will do next!
  21. In the light of the COVID-19 outbreak, and its effect on the diving industry, the above policy is to be relaxed. Effective now, diver travel operators may advertise specific trips and events on the Wetpixel forum. Manufacturers can also be more involved and offer possible solutions to prospective purchasers. We will monitor how this works and if needs be amend the policy in future Adam
  22. @Interceptor121 I am fully aware that the D780 (and before you say it the D6 too) is full frame, I was using it as an illustration that despite Nikon telling me specifically that they were moving to developing mirrorless rather than SLR, they then released an SLR! I'm not sure anyone (except Nikon etc.) had the figures about the commercial value of APS-C vs Full Framer. The figures commonly used are from CIPA, but this does not differentiate. As underwater image makers, we tend to get a skewed impression, as the Nikon entry level SLRs offer limited lens compatibility. The issue with APS-C is that it is hard to provide increases in performance...I would not state that Nikon will not release a new APS-C SLR, but rather that they will not do so until there are sufficient new performance advantages to make it a sensible decision. The delay between the releases of D300 and D500, also illustrates this. Nikon has a well established user base, that are largely happy with the SLR format. It would be crazy for them to ignore this.
  23. Very nice....the colors in the wave are beautiful.
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