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  1. I have used bayonets on my diopters, and find them OK. No real strong feelings either way. I must confess that I tend to just screw them on to the port though... Adam
  2. @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon discuss the recently released roadmap for lens development of the Nikon Z series mirrorless camera systems. Nikon has also announced that it will add two new SLRs in 2021, so they ruminate on what might be in store and how this might affect camera choices.
  3. Following on from a current thread on the Wetpixel forum, @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon discuss their personal preferences with regard to using flip adaptors for ancillary wet lenses. Although popular and convenient, these brackets do have some drawbacks.
  4. The curvature of the dome itself can cause CA-and the way the lens combination interacts with the dome can also cause it. This is independent of the DOF issues caused by aperture. You can check the lens for CA on land, but not the dome, or the dome/lens combination. The port only produces a virtual image underwater.
  5. @Alex_Mustard is celebrating the writing of 100 "Be the Champ" columns in Diver magazine. The column is focused on underwater photography, and to celebrate its 100th edition, he approached a wide variety of underwater photographers for"one-line" advice. @adamhanlon and Alex discuss some of the communal wisdom shared and how fortunate we are to be a part of a supportive community.
  6. Hi Jay, The short answer is that we have not tried it yet...I would consult with your local dealer for pricing information. Adam
  7. While you can check a lens's performance on land, you can't check a dome's... The issue may be the interaction of the lens and dome rather than the individual components. As I mentioned, I think the CA is probably due to the size of the port.
  8. My experience with TCs on high resolution full frame has not been positive. I even bought the latest Kenko HD version, but I still found that the images were soft. I liked the results on cropped sensor cameras, but the D850 really showed their flaws. Similarly, I would not chose to use a 5" dome with a full frame camera, even with a fisheye. I think the CA that @Interceptor121 notes is probably due to dome size, rather than lens combination. My minimum size is 7" with full frame. Aperture plays a role here too. If you can always shoot with a small aperture (f/15 or so) you can get away with some things that you can't at f/11!
  9. The shark conservation charity, Bite Back, has released its annual calendar, featuring lovely underwater imagery from a variety of talented underwater photographers. @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon discuss the 2021 calendar and how successful the charity has been at engaging people in the crucial front end of shark conservation.
  10. @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon get out their crystal balls and try to predict what the buzz would be at DEMA 2020, which has been canceled due to COVID-19. They discuss the hot new products that have already made their way to the marketplace and try to guess which ones everyone would have been talking about at the legendary Wetpixel/DPG Image Makers Party.
  11. @adamhanlon and @Alex_Mustard discuss some dos and do-nots about using housing lanyards and how they attach their housings to themselves when shooting underwater. Both of them tend not to use lanyards a great deal, and they see out their reasons for this in the episode.
  12. In his "Essential Guide to Composition," Jim Church divides underwater wide angle images into 5 broad categories. Whilst it was written in the late 1990s, the advice still holds true for composing images today. Alex and Adam chat about how studying Jim's book and thinking about how composition works can pay dividends for all underwater image-makers.
  13. The celebrated underwater photographer and an artistic inspiration for a whole generation, Ernie Brooks, sadly passed away last night. @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon share some thoughts about him and his images and celebrate the stunning body of work that he produced over a lifetime of photographing "The Silver Sea." The Wetpixel community's thoughts go out to his family and friends at what must be a terribly difficult time. The underwater imaging community has lost one of its shining stars Please feel free to share any thoughts abut Ernie and his beautiful imagery here too.
  14. Could the patterning be something to do with the way the camera debayers during processing? These ones in the image above are definitely color artifacts, which would prompt me to think this is a color issue rather than a phase detect one? Banding etc. can all be caused in the algorithm too
  15. @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon discuss the finalists of the Underwater category in the GDT European Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest 2020. This contest, open to photographers based in Europe or GDT members globally, tends to select images that are photographically and artistically creative. This makes them a great source of inspiration.
  16. I'm unclear how phase detect in an SLR with a seperate phase detect sensor (i.e. not on-sensor) would produce the result? The AF sensor data is separate from the imaging sensor...the only way it could happen would be if the processor is somehow combining the two sensors into the camera's output? Even in Live View, the Nikon SLRs use only contrast detect. Adam
  17. Wetpixel Editor @adamhanlon and regular contributor @Alex_Mustard have both been shooting the Nauticam EMWL lens. Sadly, the UK wide lockdown has currently curtailed their testing, but in this episode, they give their impressions about this innovative lens system, gathered from their experiences thus far.
  18. @Flo https://wetpixel.com/articles/field-review-retra-reflector-by-mike-bartick
  19. Continuing to offer advice based on their experience, @adamhanlon and @Alex_Mustard provide some guidance on how to complete an imaging assignment for a magazine. They discuss their experiences when shooting together during the Bahamas Underwater Photo Week for Alert Diver and the Bahamas Diving Association.
  20. @adamhanlon and @Alex_Mustard discuss the Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest 2021, which is now open for entries. They chat about a new award for images taken "close to home" that the extension of entries to images captured up to 5 years before the deadline. Adam mentions that the Wetpixel/DPG contest series will be running in Spring/Summer 2021.
  21. Perhaps it is more pertinent to consider what you will be using the light for. Photography and filmmaking is all about capturing light, and the better the quality of the light you use, the better your images and films will look. Sure, there is an element of skill, but even a skilled image maker will find it tough to get great results with poor quality light. That said, I have no knowledge of the quality of light that the lights in question produce. I do know the incredible quality of light that is provided by Keldan lights, and this is why they are almost universally the first choice of most established filmmakers and production houses. Bottom line, if you want to get the best from your imaging system investing in better light will pretty much always be a good idea.
  22. I use the ones that came with the Nauticam wet lenses. Seacam supply them with many of their products too.. I'm sure they will be available for sale from both these suppliers (and probably many other). Adam
  23. One half of NewMediaSoup, a dynamic multimedia company and part of the team that produces GoAskErin, Joel Penner kindly shares with Adam Hanlon how he wrangles multiple imaging data streams while on location. He discusses working with underwater, time-lapse and drone footage, along with still images and managing to combine them all into daily highlight reels.
  24. Another feast for the eyes and the brain! Kimber and Ken Kiefer kindly share some more of their favorite modeling images. The images include crocodiles, sharks and body socks! As in part 1, they share the backstory for each image and discuss how they were achieved.
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