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  1. So...the issue is likely with the output of the flash trigger. The YS-D2Js are fussy about both the amount of light and it’s color.

    Amount is easy to gauge...connect everything except the strobes, look at the strobe end of the cable and you should see a flash. How bright is this? While we are at it, what color is it?

    Given that the the 5D does not have a flash, how are you generating an optical signal? It is (probably) either via a circuit in the housing, or a flash unit that you attach to the camera’s hot shoe. A picture would help here!

    The YS-D2s are notoriously fussy about this. It is a relatively “well known” issue.

  2. I am excited to see how well new AF on the Z7 II performs underwater too! As they only shipped in December, and many people are unable to dive due to COVID restrictions, I think it is probably a tad early for reviews!

    Currently, the other "problem" with the Z series is the lack of lenses suitable for underwater use. Nikon have announced that they will be shipping a Z 105mm macro at some point, but there is no fisheye option and until there is, you are forced to use F mount lenses and the adaptor. Given this, I can see no advantage over a D850...

    You can use water contact lenses with the Z7 of course, which will maximize your optical quality for wide angle.




  3. So, There is no issue with shooting subjects on the dome with an 9" dome!


    While I understand that small domes can fit into smaller spaces, you still need to get the lighting in too!


    Intended as somewhat of a joke, but it was also shot with a 9"dome...

    Mini domes offer more magnification so can make smaller subjects seem larger in the frame, which can of course be a creative advantage. However, unless all you are shooting is this type of image, I am unconvinced that the optical disadvantages outweigh the creative advantages!


  4. Thank you for your responses.

    I get that lots of people like them. My question is why? 

    With the possible exception of Alex's grouper shot, all the above images could have been shot with larger domes. Of course it is impossible to be absolute without knowing all the variables, but some of the optical problems in the images may have been alleviated by using a bigger dome?

    I think the key advantage is lighting with a small dome, rather than the physical distance  of the subject in front of it. Intermediate sized domes like 140mm or 6" do not offer this advantage, so I really wanted to limit this discussion to 100-125mm sized domes only.

    I also understand the cost, weight and travel advantages of small domes. However, the weight difference is not relevant in the water, and the cost/travel advantages are "relatively" small compared to the overall costs of equipment and travel.  This is, of course, subjective!

  5. I'm sure others will chime in, but does the housing have sufficient internal space to fit an HDMI plug and cable? Will an HDMI plug fit through the port you show? If not you will have to break the cable somehow...which makes the operation more difficult!

    Certainly glue and sealant may provide an adequate seal, but I would be wary given that cables can get snagged and disturb any seal. Ideally you want a proper cable gland to ensure a seal, but you may not be able to fit one in the port. 

    If you can resolve these issues, running an external surface monitor via HDMI is not a problem. 


    Admin: Moved to video forum...

  6. I think it is important to compare apples and apples, rather than apples to oranges...

    Nikon 8-15mm is very much a fisheye lens and has a great deal of barrel distortion, as does the MWL-1.

    The Nikkor Z 20mm or 14-24 are rectilinear lenses.

    Practically, the 8-15mm can deal with a smaller dome, whereas the rectilinear will need much bigger ports and even then, may not offer very good optical performance. As far as I am aware, no one has done much testing with these lenses yet.

    My experience is that the MWL-1 is not optically as good as the 8-15mm. 

    Not on you list (but should be) is the WACP-1 with either the Nikkor Z 35mm f1.8 S or Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/4 S. The latter offers superb optics, and a great zoom range from super wide reef scenes through to pelagic. 




  7. I currently use Inon UCL-67, UCL-90, CMC and SMC on Seacam housings without any optical issues.

    I have also used SubSea, FIT, Scubacam, Moby and probably a few more that escape my memory currently!

    Flips are more challenging however, as they need a locating pin to stop them revolving in use. SAGA produce macro ports for most housings that have this feature. Personally, I don't like flips, so this isn't really an issue...

    As long as the housing/port/lens combination is correct, there is no problem using third-party wet macro close up lenses.

    Not an issue that should affect your decision on housing choice...

  8. @adamhanlon chats through some of the housekeeping steps needed to prepare your cameras and software to process images in 2021. He discusses how to update metadata templates, both on cameras and within editing/browsing applications, to make workflow easier and more streamlined. 

    To ask specific queries about updating dates and metadata templates with specific cameras or software applications, please post your questions on the Wetpixel forums.


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