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  1. Neither Alex or I have used them, so we have no idea! Alex does shoot M43 and I use a Sony Compact with WWL-1, but neither of us have used the AOI lenses. In the video, we emphasize that we can only talk about the lenses that we have used (and that the video is only talking about wide angle water contact optics... You would be best posting your enquiry as a topic here on the forums, as there will undoubtedly be people that have used them and can give you relevant feedback...
  2. To me, this statement implies that people are required to write in English, which is (definitely) not the case. I agree that the poster may get less responses, but ultimately, this is their decision, not yours, mine or anyone else's to make...
  3. @Interceptor121 - people are welcome to write in whatever language they chose, although the majority of conversations on here are carried out in English. For emphasis, there is no "need" to write in English. @Joss - The NA-Z50 uses Nauticam's 100mm port system, which is compatible with WWL-1 and WWL-C. The NA-D500 uses the 120mm port system, which is not. To use bigger diameter lenses (like the 105mm f/2.9 VR), they recommend the use of an 100mm to 120mm converter. I think the advice stems from the lack of a native Z mount fisheye. The NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f3.5-6.3 VR listed for use with the WWL-C is the kit lens that people often already own when they chose to house the camera. This provides them with an option.
  4. Water contact optics, designed specifically for underwater imaging, are one of the most interesting developments in underwater imaging. On Wetpixel Live, @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon run through the various wide angle options that they have used thus far and provide some ideas about how to get the best from them.
  5. To celebrate the publication of Dive Up's "Diving the Thistlegorm" guidebook which features @Alex_Mustard's images and research, he and @adamhanlon chat about this iconic Red Sea wreck and he shares some of his amazing imagery from it. The book contains cutting edge 3D and photogrammetry imagery, to document and help people to understand the location of the many historic artifacts that are located in and around it.
  6. My understanding after chatting to US vendors is that these goods includes camera housings and accessories. Most EU states apply a VAT or sales tax to all imports, which in the Netherlands is 21%. There is also typically a duty payable too, but this tends to be relatively small of between 2-10% depending on the commodity code. Older housing were probably imported before the tariff increase, so the stock is already in the US and there are no retrospective duties payable.
  7. My guess is that this is a tariff issue. The US government has imposed a 25% tariff on all goods imported from China. That seems to pretty much cover the price increase?
  8. It is so camera and lens dependent... With Nikons (D500/D850) i often use 3D Continuous AF. Although the subjects are frequently not moving that much, I often am! It also allows me to recompose simply as the subject moves through the frame. It does take some trust in the AF system.
  9. @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon discuss in depth the equipment changes that underwater photographers will need to make if they are considering moving from a cropped sensor camera to a full frame camera. Among other things, they look at lenses, ports, and lighting options.
  10. My gut feeling is that this is not a camera issue. If the rear command dial is working out of the housing, there is no reason for it not to in the housing... It is much more likely to be the housing control to camera interface.. Adam
  11. Weird one, and very hard to diagnose remotely. The troubleshooting steps outlined above would suggest that there either is an issue with the read command dial on the camera, or the camera's alignment within the housing. This could be a wear/size variance of the dial itself, although I have never heard of this.
  12. @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon set out to answer some of the questions that are commonly asked about dome port choices on the Wetpixel forums. They include in their discussion: Port size, extensions, materials, and lens choices. There is no physics or optical theory!
  13. I'm sure you have probably considered this, but a slight misalignment of the camera in the housing can cause this... If you try the "problematic" body again, does it still have the same problem?
  14. Want to buy some? More seriously, they are the single biggest cause of camera problems due to the pins bending. Once they bend, it is almost impossible to fix them without a trip to Nikon. XQD/CF Express are a much better solution (although also not perfect...)
  15. Fashionably late as always(!), @adamhanlon and @Alex_Mustard discuss what new gear they are considering purchasing over the Black Friday/Holiday period. In common with many underwater image-makers, they concentrate on the accessories and ancillary items that increase productivity underwater and in front of the computer.
  16. Love the pygmy! Sunbeams and polyps out. Wonderful Adam
  17. Nikon has updated the firmware for D5. D850 and D500. D5: https://downloadcenter.nikonimglib.com/en/products/320/D5.html D850:https://downloadcenter.nikonimglib.com/en/products/359/D850.html D500: https://downloadcenter.nikonimglib.com/en/download/fw/383.html The principle new feature is the ability to use CF Express cards. While this is, in itself, not perhaps a huge deal in terms of camera performance, it does simplify options when deciding which cards to purchase. I guess the XQD will be going the way of Compact Flash.... Adam
  18. On Wetpixel Live, @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon discuss the results of the new Ocean Photography awards. The contest is a venue for ocean imagery, both above and below the surface, and as they discuss, this offers creative opportunities that "dedicated" underwater photography contests do not. As is always the case, the pair offer constructive criticism about the lovely winning images.
  19. I have used bayonets on my diopters, and find them OK. No real strong feelings either way. I must confess that I tend to just screw them on to the port though... Adam
  20. @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon discuss the recently released roadmap for lens development of the Nikon Z series mirrorless camera systems. Nikon has also announced that it will add two new SLRs in 2021, so they ruminate on what might be in store and how this might affect camera choices.
  21. Following on from a current thread on the Wetpixel forum, @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon discuss their personal preferences with regard to using flip adaptors for ancillary wet lenses. Although popular and convenient, these brackets do have some drawbacks.
  22. The curvature of the dome itself can cause CA-and the way the lens combination interacts with the dome can also cause it. This is independent of the DOF issues caused by aperture. You can check the lens for CA on land, but not the dome, or the dome/lens combination. The port only produces a virtual image underwater.
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